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X2 Visa (problem with Admission Notice) - Tsinghua University


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I am trying to get my X2 China visa in Korea. However, the Chinese Korean consulate would not take my visa application because the admission notice says that I could only apply in my country, which is the US. I tried calling Tsinghua university to ask them if they could possibly send me a new admission notice that would allow me to get the X2 visa in Korea, but the office is closed. They dont open until August 19th, and school starts on September 11th.


So my question is there anyone who also experienced a similar situation in the past?


Should I wait until August 19th and see whether or not Tsinghua university can write me a new admission notice? Or do I have to buy myself a ticket back to the US to get the X2 Visa?


Please let me know~


Thank you so much!

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8 hours ago, MrDuque said:

What about sending your documents back to the US and having someone applying to your visa on your behalf? (way cheaper than coming back yourself


Is this allowed?


If it was wouldn't visa runs etc be redundant and the postal system doing the hard work?


Caveat- I know nothing about visas etc.

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From http://en.safea.gov.cn/2017-02/27/content_28365585.htm



8. Can someone submit my application to the Centre on my behalf?

Generally speaking, you are encouraged to submit your application and collect your passport in person. If it is impossible for you to do so, you may entrust someone else to do it for you (no need for a power of attorney) providing that you have prepared all the documents required.


(See also: China Visa Application in a Third Country and Regions on travelchinaguide.com)



From https://www.saporedicina.com/english/get-a-chinese-visa-in-hong-kong/



Can I get a work or student visa in Hong Kong?
According to many comments we receive, it is possible – even if in theory such visas should be requested in the country to which you belong. They’ve told us that the key is, besides having all your documents in order, having an invitation letter that clearly specifies that the visa be applied for in Hong Kong.


...from which I would infer that what it says about the application country in the invitation letter is important.



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7 hours ago, Shelley said:

wouldn't visa runs etc be redundant


As I understand it, a "visa run" usually refers to leaving the country and re-entering because that's a requirement of your visa.  For example, you have a multiple entry visa but you're only allowed to stay for 60 days per entry, so you go to Hong Kong for a shopping trip and return within a day or two, which starts a new entry.  (HK not technically being another country, but apparently it counts.)


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While it may be possible to send your documents and passport back to the United States in order to have someone apply for the visa on your behalf, it may not be advisable.  I wouldn't use it as anything but an absolute last resort, and even then it would make me quite nervous.


Being in Korea without your passport, even for a couple of weeks, puts you in a very precarious situation:

  • What would happen if you had a medical or other emergency, encountered anything which would require consular assistance, needed to travel anywhere on short notice etc., and your only internationally recognized form of identification was half a world away.
  • What would happen if the passport were, somehow, lost in transit?

I'm not saying the odds are high that you would encounter either of these scenarios; but the potential is certainly there.


If you were to wait until the Tsinghua international student office re-opens on August 19th, you would still have three weeks to either have them re-issue a JW201/JW202 and admission form for use in South Korea, or for you to arrange last minute travel to the U.S. if there is no way for a new set of forms to be issued.  You would have longer, still, if the school indicated you could register a few days or a week late given the circumstances.

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