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American 5 year X-1 Visa, in a difficult position, mistake?


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Hey all, I have been a bit confused about the situation the past day and I figured I'd give the forums a shot to see if anyone can help out.  


I received CSC to go Fudan this fall and study.  The last year I have been in Nanjing studying, so I already got a 5 year X-1 student visa last year. I think I would be all set to go to Fudan and not do any visa things, but I just found out something very subtle on my passport.  When I went to the local police station for a residence perm in Nanjing last September, I realized they put a stamp on my 5 year student visa that says "cancelled, 作废“。  I just saw this now because it was so light, and I do not understand why they did this.  I am thinking now it was a mistake by the police station because almost every student only has a 1 year visa, (from what I know it is very rare and new to have a 5 year student visa?), so they just did it by happen cancelling it?  


Does anyone familiar with this situation? This is my guess, but I am quite confused.  Unfortunately the closest visa office to me is 7 hours away from me one way, and it will cost a lot of moola and time to get another visa in the next 3 weeks before I have to go.  


I really appreciate the help.


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I think once it’s cancelled it’s cancelled. Even if it was a mistake I don’t think they could undo it per se. 


I am am not that familiar with student visas. However, I was under the impression the visa is just for entry into the country. Once you’ve got your residence permit, then the visa is done. The 5 year visa just allowed you 5 years to decide to enter China and become a student. Unless it was multiple entry ...


Like a Z work visa is usually 30 days. This just allows you to enter the country and time to apply for your residence permit. 

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Hmmm, if you have a 5-year X visa, do you even need the residence permit? Sounds like a new / unusual case which the local authorities didn't notice, or weren't sure what to do with.I suspect the embassy might be a bit surprised to see their lovely long-term visas are just being cancelled in-country.


Were you originally signed up for a longer term of study in Nanjing? Or are these 5-year X visas a new thing? Or am I (surely not) out of touch.

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According to this FAQ it appears that the X1 visa operates in a similar way to the Z visa as @ChTTay suggested, in that you have to convert it to a residency permit within 30 days of arrival.  Presumably this is when it gets stamped with "cancelled"?



X1 holders shall apply for a Temporary Residence Permit from the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) within 30 days upon entry into China. The temporary residence permit can be issued with validity of 180 days to 5 years.  X2 holders shall stay in China within the duration period as indicated on the visa, and it is not necessary for them to apply for the temporary residence permit.



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Thanks for the replies all!


@ChTTay Yes it was 5 year multiple entry.  This type of visa would seem sort of useless if it is cancelled just when you get the local residence.  Also to get the Visa you need to show that you are going to China to study that year, so I do not think anyone would get it then decide whether or not to go to china.  It probably is cancelled whether it was a mistake or not, but if it was a mistake by them it is a mistake that is costing me personally over 400 bucks and a lot of time (NYC embassy is 7 hours from my home, plus American visa is 145, and would have to go to NYC twice).  


@roddy Yeah I am thinking this was probably the case, the rules on this visa are very unclear.  From what I know the residence perms (at least in NJ) only go for a max of 1 year, after that you have to go back and get another one again.  Yes, these 5 year things are very new ( I believe a couple years old).  


@mungouk Yes, that is correct.  The thing I am thinking is they should have not stamped mine with cancelled, but probably almost never have seen this 5 year visa so just by habit stamped it cancelled, as typically the  one year residence permit will outlast the X-1 visa, but in my case it was not like this. I do not see any use in a 5 year visa if it gets cancelled in the first month when you get the residence permit.



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8 minutes ago, Badger said:

This type of visa would seem sort of useless if it is cancelled just when you get the local residence.


Could also be classic China.


I went to a special registration office just for foreigners recently. Its purely for foreign residents, 100%. It is staffed by one person. I feel like normally it would be a good idea to have that person speak a few words of English. That person did not or pretended they didn’t. Is it just me?does it not seem like they missed something when doing this? 

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@Badger — what's the expiry on your current residency permit?  Presumably it runs out shortly after your current programme finishes?  If it somehow lasts for 5 years then maybe it will cover the Fudan course, but I expect visas and RPs are probably linked to the school you're studying at.


And what does Fudan's admission letter say?  Didn't they send you the JW201 and a letter saying you need to apply for an X1 visa from a particular country?


There's a very similar thread about this right now on this forum. Bottom line: if you definitely need one, you may be able to apply for the new visa via proxy, i.e. getting someone back home to do it for you.


(Disclaimer: I've no first-hand experience of China student visas, but I've been doing my own research recently for future plans.)

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