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Mistake on the name displayed on jw201


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Hello everyone,


I received my jw201 and admission letter a few days ago and decided to get my X1 visa as soon as possible. But for some reason, my first and middle name are reversed on both the admission letter AND the JW201 making for an obvious problem since it doesn't match my passport information. 


I went to an appointment today at the Consulate, and I was told there are 2 solutions: 


-the officer will either accept the visa request with the mistake existing, in which case, I apparently may run into problems later on when trying to get my temporary residency permit 

- the officer rejects the visa request, and I should get a new admission letter + JW201 with corrected information ASAP to ask for a visa again (knowing that my flight is on the 24th of august) 


Has anyone ever been in this kind of situation? If yes, do you have any advice? 

I'm really getting stressed out as time is running out quickly. 


Do you know how long it could take to request/receive a new admission/jw201? (It took a hell of a long time to receive them the first time, can it be quicker if it just needs a swap in the names?) 


Anyway, thanks for reading me, any kind of tips is appreciated, hopefully I'll not get my residency permit denied as I don't really want to get kicked back home when I get to China ^^ 


See you! 


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If you haven't done so, already, I would highly recommend taking a look at the following thread, which also deals with a name error (middle name omission) on the JW201/JW202 form and the issues such a discrepancy lead to: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/56859-admission-letters-with-no-middle-name-that-different-from-passport/


My immediate reaction to any question, like this, is to recommend contacting the school to have them issue a new JW201/JW202 form, with the correct information.  This is the only way to ensure the discrepancy doesn't give you a headache either at the time of visa application, school registration, and residence permit conversion.  However, even with the most efficient/professional international student office at that end, express international shipping, and a rush visa process at the consulate, I simply can't imagine Chinese bureaucracy moving fast enough to have this all completed within the ten working days before your departure.


If the school is agreeable to re-issue a correct JW201/JW202 form and admission letter, though, and you can change your flight by a week or two, you may have enough time and the airline's change fee would be a small price to pay for the peace of mind.


If the Consulate is willing to provide the visa, despite the name discrepancy, then I wouldn't worry as issues after arrival can likely be resolved between the school and local PSB.  If the Consulate indicates that a discrepancy may/will lead to a rejected visa application, or if the "officer" you are speaking with is actually a third party visa agent as opposed to those making the decision, then I would revert to recommending re-issuing and changing your flight.


There may be other options, such as the school contacting the Consulate's visa/education offices directly or them providing you digital copies of the corrected JW201/JW202 and admission letter electronically; but I have no personal experience/knowledge of these methods or the likelihood of success.

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