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Hi guys!

I am currently doing a Master's Degree at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on the university scholarship. After I graduate, I'd like to apply for another Master's Degree, however I'm not sure if there is a possibility to get a Government Scholarship (CSC) for Master's when I already studied in Master's program, even though by the time of application I will have not yet graduated (therefore the highest acquired diploma is Bachelor's Degree).


Anyone tried it or heard about such cases?

Thank you!

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You can only apply to the next level of education, in this case that’d be a PhD, and receive the scholarship again.


This was told to me by Hanban.

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Yes you will get scholarship for second masters. Don't worry about that

@Tiri If csc or university doesn't allow in some case, go for other scholarship schemes or look for universities that would recommend your name the second time. 

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Tiri or anyone else, do you have up-to-date information on this? Is it possible to get the CSC for a Master's degree course if you already have a Master's degree? It mentions Bachelor degree as a requirement for a Master's degree course, so I am wondering if that means "Bachelor or above", or really just Bachelor. 


Or is it the case that I can only apply for a PhD course, since I already have a Master's?

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I spoke to a guy on Facebook who claims he has done that, but it was a less popular university, so he was fairly sure that he'd get admitted. I also looked through the requirements for scholarships and admissions, and nowhere does it say that you cannot apply if you already have a degree (like it does with a scholarship, where you can only have one at a time). That's all I know for now, but I'll keep asking around and reporting back 😉

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I'm curious about this too, but for a Bachelor's degree rather than a Masters. I found this forum post which briefly touches on that (https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/56319-confucius-institute-scholarship-2018-scholarship-for-bachelor’s-degree-in-teaching-chinese-to-speakers-of-other-languages-btcsol/) and asked for details, but never received a response.

TL:DR - following this thread

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Hey @Will Heathershaw, what specifically is your concern? I recently connected with someone who started his Masters from a Chinese university in English, but because of COVID is beginning his studies online. Actually, it seemed beneficial in some ways because last semester he was able to sit in on some online classes to preview his degree program.

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Will Heathershaw

In general, for young guys, schoolchildren, or from college who plan to conquer universities in the future and see themselves in great activity, I recommend to self-develop now without wasting time

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