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Nanning tourist visa extension. Possible at PSB?


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Hi, I am in Nanning and went to PSB today. The google map tagged  PSB entry-exit  was closed and the security guard outside redirected me to a smaller building 2km south near Guangx University, in Nanning, and where a hukou related processing office seemed to be happening and looked quite busy. It didn't look look like it was really where foreigners would be received but the sign posted PSB -Entry and Exit station was closed, as I mentioned, and under refurb, and the security guy had redirected me to this new  address of PSB that looked hukuo related.   Prior to today, I had tried multiple google searches on this issue of tourist visa extension in Nanning but come up with nothing certain and today left me more confused. So,  to continue this kind of short story, the security guard outside the shut down PSB exit-entry station directed me to an alternative PSB that  I got to and then observed to be processing hukou related registration (piles of ID plastic cards sittingin boxes for pick up it looked like), ..the  staff there said I needed registration proof from my hotel, which I expected they'd say, but what did leave me confused me was the staff gave me the impression my hotel needs to get involved in me making a visa extension request (they gave me a phone number I assume my hotel needs call and they gave me a name card for PSB with a QR code on it)..they strongly gave me the impression that I don't return to them at the psb office I  was at, which really confused. So, this has left me wondering as to what the steps are or if there is even a physical location, an actual psb here that can handle me in Nanning?  I haven't seen a foreigner here in the past 48 hrs so I guess the visa extension is rarely needed here. Does anyone have experience of the steps I take in Nanning. I have 10 days left on my tourist visa so am going to try a few more days this week and and then likely quit and return to Vietnam to get a new China visa

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The office apparently moved late last year. The new address is 南宁出入境接待大厅良庆区玉洞大道33号南宁市民中心A座办公楼 Nanning Exit-Entry Reception Hall, Liangqing District, 33 Yudong Avenue, Nanning Citizen Center, Block A Office Building.


Best to just show this to a taxi driver.


The office handles not just visa extensions, but paperwork for foreigners studying and living in Nanning, as well as exit affairs for Chinese. It should be a large, busy, formal office.




Note they may take five days for an extension or add requirements like bank account proof to make you go away.

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Thanks for that info 889. That is very helpful information. I will approach them tomorrow and see what they require. I think if they demand a bank account I may struggle to get that done if it is hard, time consuming. I can get to Hanoi in half a day and have a break there and get a new visa there, so it becomes debatable whether time spent getting extension in Nanning is more worthwhile. I will get onto that tomorrow and see what  is required from them. 

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