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Where To Go During Golden Week?

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This will be my first Golden Week since I have been living in China. I'm trying to decide where to go. I want to visit Heilongjiang because it's up north near Russia and I've never been to the north ( Guizhou is the furthest north I've ever been in China :D!). I actually wouldn't mind crowds. The only downside is that hotels and the trains are more expensive. Any suggestions? 


Thanks again!!

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I can't say I've ever been bowled over by anything I've seen in Dongbei, though I haven't been to Changbaishan.


If you want to see the north, you could do much worse than simply plopping yourself down in Beijing for a week.


For more adventure, look into W Sichuan.

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I agree, if you don't mind crowds (are you sure? Well, I guess you'll find out), Beijing is a good choice. It's pretty much a must-see anyway, there are some famous highlights that are famous for good reasons and October is the second-best month to go there (September is the best), with nice weather (not too hot or too cold) and not too bad pollution.


I have been bowled over by the ice sculptures in Harbin, and that is what I'd recommend seeing in Dongbei. Very beautiful. So that is more of a destination for a winter holiday. The Russian architecture in Harbin is interesting as well, but if you have recently come from Europe (as I was/am), it's not very impressive on the face of it, only when you realise you are in fact In China!! and not in Europe.

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