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Tsinghua Chinese language course - Spring 2019 - questions

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I'm from Spain and speak chinese with my parents (I know some chinese character, maybe less than 100 I think)


i'm going to enroll in spring chinese course at Tsinghua (if I get accepted). I know it's a bit early, but I have some questions before application date is open


- I can't find the exact application schedule for 2019 spring course, is it the same date as 2018? (15 october - 31 november)

- Is there any guide for booking a room at Tsinghua campus accommodation? (by some other post, I think I should get the idea of looking some accommodation out campus)

- Where can I find a 2019 course calendar with the begin, end and festive dates?

- Is there any blog that show you how is living in china for a "foreigner" student? (I'm following Hafuguo youtube channel)


PS: My english isn't very well too... I know i'll have a hard time studying in china :(


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Feel bad that no one has replied. 


1. Email them. There website is pretty swish these days and, even when I applied years ago, they were pretty good at communication.

2. Most threads here say the dorms sell out instantly so why even bother? Just live off campus.

3. Just look for Chinese festival and holiday dates generally. Everyone is off the same time roughly. Of course, you being a student will have the legal holiday for those dates and likely extra days off for bigger holidays like Spring Festival and then summer. Unlikely any Xmas holiday.

4. This forum has lots of information. 


Hope that helps!

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Hi ChTTay


I'll email them (I found this email [email protected] at http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/publish/iclccen/5561/index.html)


About the dorm, at least I want to try to book a room, but I'll search some information about living off campus


Thanks! :D


Edit: I've got an answer from the university about spring application schedule




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