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HSK real test vs Practice test?

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I'm currently preparing for the HSK 5. I've studied Chinese for 2 years prior, using other resources. I was just wondering if anyone who has did the test can compare the practice tests vs the real thing. Is it harder, easier? Are some mock exams harder than others. Any tips for someone who has 1 month to prepare?


The mock tests I'm using right now are the ones by the Beijing language and culture university press.


Thank you in advance,


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I did it years ago but my impression is that the mock tests were easier than the real test, although I did ok on the real thing.


This might just have been that you are perhaps not as strict with yourself as you should be, whilst taking the mock tests. My advice would be to time yourself doing mock tests, and also to write a few mini essays from the mocks. Also try to remember a few choice chengyu that can be applied in many different scenarios. I can't think of any off hand as my Chinese has gotten a bit rusty.

I think a month is fine. I had been self studying with random English teaching jobs for a few years, in the country, by the time I took it and the most difficult thing for me was making sure that I knew what would be in the test from word lists etc. I knew a loads of words that weren't in the list, but at the same time I didn't know a lot that were. If you've been doing the Beijing uni textbooks though, you should be fine as they seem to follow that.

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I'm taking the HSK 5 this month so I'd be interested in whatever resources there are for online mock tests or other tips too.

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Online mock HSK tests for levels 1-6: see here

Some discussion of Level 3 and Level 4 actual versus mock tests here (for the online test).  


To summarise, it seems that the software is similar, but not exactly standardised, across all test centres. 


Also the mock online tests (which seem to be "official") are not exactly the same as the real ones.


Generally it seems people report that they think the actual test feels a bit harder than the mock test.  Could just be because it's under exam conditions?

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