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Teaching In China with Misdemeanor


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I am about to get my TEFL Certificate and start applying for jobs overseas. A lot of job posts state “no criminal record”. My I would consider none of my offenses “criminal”, I do have two underage drinking tickets as well as a disorderly conduct (peeing in public when I actually wasn’t...guilt by association). All occurred before college or during college. These are all misdemeanor offenses and all I had to do was pay a fine and I did for all of them. Will this eliminate any chance of me teaching in China?

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Get a copy of your police record from the appropriate authorities. (Which country are you in?) If the record does not list these "offenses" then you can forget about them. (If you plan to teach in China you will need this police report anyway, so getting it now could possibly "kill two birds with one stone".)

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Take a look at this and this 


As above, it all depends if anything shows up on your record. Get it first and see before you worry too much. 


If anything shows up it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a legal job teaching in China. 

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40 minutes ago, Baby Charlie said:

Will you be showing the same lack of judgement when you come to China and start having fun?



He's just joined Charlie, best not to lecture him.  Many a young lad has done  a few things they probably shouldn't have! I wouldn't want to list all the questionable things I have done in the past . 😎 


As said above, just apply and see what comes back on the record, you will need it anyway so might as well get on with it.


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For better or worse, there's a big difference in criminalization between China and many Western countries. In China, to have a criminal record is rare and a really big deal. In the US, the UK, etc. it's become almost commonplace, particularly among young males in the underclass.


Point is, if you apply for a job in China, that record is going to be viewed in the Chinese context.

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