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4500RMB for a month of teaching?


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Hey guys and gals,

I am going to China at the end of the year and have been checking out the job scene. People seem quite keen to hire but when I told some of my Taiwanese and Hong Kong frineds about the money (4500RMB per month) they were... hmmm... disgusted is probably the right word. This is standard though isn't it? I see that most jobs provide accom and sometimes food but still how does one have enough money to do anything else? How you can you have any entertainment or travel anywhere else on $200 a week?

Any tips about teaching in China will be most welcome cats...



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For a smaller city, or a job in a major city but with not many hours teaching (12-16 a week, I'd guess) then I'd say that's reasonable. Anything else and I think you should be looking for more.

It's not too hard to find plenty of China TEFl jobs on the internet - just have a look and draw up some averages.


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4500 is good if you stay away from cities like Beijing and Shangai.

It also depends if you are going to teach in a private or public school, for public its quite normal, for private you might ask for some more, although I have heard that they offer amodicale base salary and if they like you, they might give you a raise further on!

Attention on the teaching time, always include extra curriculum activ. to either be done as part of the contract or as extra-time :mrgreen: .

Dont worry if you do a simple life and dont do nightlife :nono everyday, you will be able to save enough for the oficial holidays and enjoy China.

Take care


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4500RMB is good for a first time teacher. It is heaps to live off per week as the cost of living is far cheaper than the west. In living standard terms, it corresponds to the same as living off US$4500 in the US after paying rent, electricity etc.

It is also possible to save up to 50% of this salary, and any other work you can pick up (usually paid at 75-150RMB depending on where and what). This can also be saved.

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it all depends on the number of teaching periods. At the moment, the average salary in a university is about 4000RMB for 16 periods/week. REmember that with that salary comes a lot of free time and quite a few months of paid vacations where you can head elsewhere and work.

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Hey man if they dont offer you accomodation (only internet and long distance calls are paid by you +-200RMB ) then forget them. :tong

Public Instituitions usually offer you an apartment on campus, while others in share or private apartments near the place you will work, if its far make sure they either offer you a means of transport (bicycle) or an extra for transportation (taxi or bus).

Dont sweat


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