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British English: Do you have the time?


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12 minutes ago, Jim said:

Definitely hear people say, "Got the time there, mate?" same way as they might ask you for a light etc. Same construction but dropping the 'have' I think.


Or if you hear "Got the time bruv" you know your in East London 😏

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7 minutes ago, Shelley said:

I think its the "there" that makes it sound Australian, "Got the time ,mate" and I would not be surprised if they came from London or anywhere in England to be honest.

When we used to ham up our accents even more for the comedy effect we'd say "Got a light there, boy?" which is the sort of thing older folks round our way said. maybe more localised than I realised then. 

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1 hour ago, mungouk said:

...is there a specific context you're asking about? 


No, this is just for English class. I learned a long time ago that when I think something is wrong, oftentimes it is just an example of British English that I am not familiar with. These examples are good examples of that, and have proved me wrong once again.

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What about "What time is it? is particularly not American.

Why wouldn't an American say this.

As I have said before I have lived in Montreal, Canada, Scotland, USA, I have heard this in all the places I have lived


I wouldn't be surprised to hear any of your examples being used in any of the 4 countries I have had lived in.

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