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Webcomic recommendations?


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I'm trying to compile a list of good Chinese-language webcomics. So far, I've found these:


Pepper & Carrot - simplified, fantasy slice-of-life, first page

The Wormworld Saga - simplified, fantasy adventure, first page

我的panda男友 - simplified, romantic slice-of-life, first page (first chapter is illegible, but from second chapter on it's fine)

Moving, superhero drama, first page

天下第几 - simplified, action romance, first page

二四八月常晴偶雨 - simplified, gender confusion romance, first page

亲爱的L, lesbian romance, first page
魔女, supernatural mystery, first page
酷MA萌, four-panel comedy, first page
死格:死亡的声音, four-panel horror, first page

鸵鸟先生 - simplified, fantasy comedy, first page


To be clear, it's extremely easy to find Chinese webcomics on the internet, but most don't meet these criteria:

  • interesting
  • use a legible font (many use a very hard-to-parse cartoon font)
  • are meant to be read on the web, as opposed to being scans of print comics

There are many Chinese webcomic portals out there, here are some I've found so far:


快看漫画 (the only one I can really recommend)

腾讯动漫 (some good titles here, but poor quality control overall)

漫画岛 (seems to focus more on Japanese-style comics for kids)

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Maybe try this website https://ac.qq.com/


Most comics on the website are webtoons, so they are usually created by users from China or translated from Korean.

They use big and clear fonts.

The only thing is that since they are created by users, the person might have never finished it.


One really popular comic that I really like and has been converted to an anime is 恶偶.


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I should probably make a list of the major webcomic portals in the parent post. Besides QQ, there's also 快看漫画 and 漫画岛. I imagine there are many more out there.


I've been exploring the catalog of 快看漫画, so far these titles stand out to me:




All of these are definitely pretty legible and easy to read on your phone. I'll read a few chapters of each to decide if they should be added to the list in the parent post.

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I found 熊警察 to be pretty amusing. It's about a police force that all get turned into bears for some reason or other, and how they adjust to this new life. It's been a pretty lighthearted read so far (I made it up to chapter 68).


It's in simplified with a legible font, and does contain a lot of police related vocabulary and some underworld slang. You can find it reposted on various other sites (eg https://www.zymk.cn/1337/) if you need to, but I believe the link above to be the original source.

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I found a nice feature of the mobile version of 快看漫画 (which is much more usable than their desktop site). If you click on categories (分类), you'll find a category at the bottom called completed (完结). There you can browse all the titles that finished their runs. I found more promising comics there:






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QQ's webcomic portal actually has some interesting series:

死格:死亡的声音, four-panel horror

豆米咖《二》, four-panel comedy

撩汉小能手, gender swap romance (weird photo-comic with bizarre premise, I recommend taking a look for a quick laugh)
步步婚宠, soap opera romance (also a photo comic)


The problem with QQ's portal is that the wheat to chaff ratio is so low. It feels like you have to browse through 100 listings to find a single good one. Some series in their "completed" category contain a single chapter with just a single page! Other series are drawn so crudely as to be laughable. Browsing the QQ site trying to discover interesting comics feels like a major chore.


My opinion of the 快看漫画 portal is much higher. Sure, you do have to wade through some junk, but the average quality seems higher. It also feels like there are more titles that appeal to adults (that also means it's a less kid-friendly site). One thing I like is that there is a primitive recommendation system built into the site. If you happen to find a comic you like, you can read to the end of each chapter to find a little section called "看了又看" which is a "people who read this also read these" section containing 3 titles. Fairly unobtrusive, and not a bad way to discover comics similar to the ones you're already reading.


I also noticed that there are some translations of popular Japanese manga, but if I try to view them I get a "This title is not available in your region" error page. Those in Asia may have better luck than me on that front.

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