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More than one scholarship

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I’ve considered applying for the CSC scholarship bilateral program and also to the direct one. I mean, sending it straight to the University I wish. So, I’d choose 3 univerisities for the bilateral one, and  apply directly to other universities. Is it possible? 


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I dont know if this answer is of any use to you, but I can tell you anyway. As far as I know, both CSC scholarship bilateral program and the direct one (its called CSC scholarship university program) are granted by the the Chinese Council, so, if you are asking if its possible to do it this way in order to increase your chances of getting the scholarship, I would say it would be the same result at then end, since the Chinese Council would only grant you one.


If this was the case of your question, I recommend you to find out more here: http://www.campuschina.org/scholarships/index.html

3. CSC reserves the rights to decide the host university for scholarship recipients with multiple offers. Each scholarship recipient—even when admitted by multiple universities—will be granted no more than one scholarship.


Back to your question, even if you wanted to do it that way still, I think it would be possible to send your papers to your local embassy and the same papers to a direct university, but honestly I had never done that, so maybe wait until someone who has reply.







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U can do whatever you like.

U never can tell

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