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Intermediate Chinese MOOC

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A new mooc, “Learn Mandarin Chinese: Intermediate", offered by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (上海交通大学) and taught through the 中国大学 Moocs Platform starts soon. 

The blurb says it's at HSK3 level, but judging by the list of topics, it may span into HSK4. In any case, it seems useful revision material. It starts on 1 December and comprises 15 lessons. 



The mooc is also called 你好,中文(中级 ) "Hello Chinese II" but I don't think it has any relation with the app of similar name, and I've never seen a Hello Chinese 1 mooc, though it may be a follow up to Jiao Ting's beginners course in Coursera.


More details on the 中国大学 Moocs Platform , including how to register, in this thread


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I'm participating to this MOOC and enjoying it so far. I'm at about HSK3+ level and I can follow it without problems. I also learnt some new words and dialogues are useful for reviewing word usage and some sentence patterns. Dialogues are shown at normal speed and then repeated at slow speed in order to let you shadow them, I find it useful. There are 30 quizzes, 3 peer-reviewed assignments and a final exam. I'm at lesson 9 out of 15. I also think this is a follow up to the Jiao Tong's beginners' course on Coursera. I hope they'll make also another one after this.

Apparently you can get a certificate for free at the end of the course if you pass it. Thanks @Luxi for letting me discover this course.

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Good to know! Thanks for posting your review, it may encourage others to sign up. It's hard to guess how whether a mooc is good is that until you actually do it, some are excellent but some are not worth the time. 


14 hours ago, fabiothebest said:

Apparently you can get a certificate for free at the end of the course if you pass it.


Yes, you do get a certificate (at no cost), it's not hard to pass in most moocs but you have to do the assignments on schedule. It looks like the certificates are just sent automatically a few weeks after the official schedule ended . You have to remember to add your real name to your Profile!

There is a charge for what they call 'verified certificates' - probably more of interest for people in China. The charge is ridiculously small compared to what we're seeing in Coursera, edX, Stamford etc., etc.

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