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都 said with second tone

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I'm familiar with 多 being said in the northern style with a rising tone in phrases like 多好,多忙 etc. I just came across 都 said in the same rising tone in the sentence 各種歌他都會唱. It actually came up when I was listening to the defrancis audio discussed in another current thread. My wife said the pronunciation is typical of that era, but couldn't say whether it is still present in northern styles, or if it is still present in say 北京方言. So what's the consensus? Can I use this pronunciation in modern speech as a non-standard alternative, or is it not in current use anymore?

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It's not something I recall noticing, but that doesn't mean much. I'd be wary of adopting it - an 80 year old northerner does that, it's authentic. You do it, people just think you got the tone wrong. 


Can we have a little clip to listen to?

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Hi, I’m Chinese. Don’t use this tone in your daily speak, coz it actually comes from the dialect of the north, called dōng beǐ huà(东北话), not Beijing, so it’s even more northern than Beijing. It’ll sound funny and a little bit too much overwhelming for a non-native speaker, unless you are a local. 

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