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Andra C

BFSU off-campus accommodation

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Andra C

Hello, all!


My name is Andra and I am going to pursue an exchange program at the Beijing Foreign Studies University next year. As far as I have heard, you have to share the dorm with other 3 people or at least one person and you have no private bathroom.

I am not willing to share a bathroom or an apartment. Do you have any recommendations in terms of companies I can contact? I found ZIROOM and their apartments look very convenient, but I have no idea how far from the University are they. Any advice would be welcomed.


Thank you in advance!

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BFSU is near Wei Gong Cun subway station on line 4 and just on stop south of the Ren Min University subway stop.


If searching for BFSU accommodation advice hasn’t yielded good results then you could just search for options near Remin University. It’s a bigger more popular University so likely has more info (there’s probably a thread on here about it). Then, for you especially, just look for accommodation/apartments that are nearer Remin subway station or south of it. That way you could take the subway one stop and walk or just ride a bicycle to school (very common). You might also find some accommodation options talked about in the context of Remin are actually right near your place.


Ziroon is just a room letting agency/company. They seem to specialise in split / shared apartments where you get your own room but share the apartment. In your post it seems like you want a whole apartment to yourself. Note that this will likely be quite costly (5000+ a month RMB). 


It’s highly likely any housing/letting agent near your University or Renmin will be able to help you find a shared apartment or a one bedroom one. The biggest two are 我爱我家 and Homelink. They undoubtably have offices near there. 


Really, you cannot find apartments in China until you’re in China. Agency photos online are often fake (just “examples”) or edited. You should just book a hotel near your University for 1 week before any kind of registration/Uni stuff starts and take that week to apartment hunt. 


Good luck!

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