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Recently, I found that there are quite a few bilingual webcomics out there, so I put together a spreadsheet. I'm sure that there are many more in the wild, so if you find one that isn't on the spreadsheet then reply to this message and I'll add it. I would also appreciate a heads-up if you find that any of the links is broken or dead.


So far, the spreadsheet contains the following titles. When I get around to reading more of them,  I'll start ordering them by entertainment value.


  1. Pepper & Carrot / 小辣椒与萝卜头 [ english simplified ] - fantasy, comedy, slice-of-life
  2. The Girl from Class / 课堂中的她 / 課堂中的她 [ english simplified traditional ] - romance
  3. Distant Sky / 深淵的天空 [ english traditional ] - sci-fi, thriller
  4. Timing / 追逐时间 [ english simplified ] - sci-fi, thriller
  5. Again / Again [ english simplified ] - sci-fi, thriller
  6. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend / 我的傻大个男友 [ english simplified ] - comedy, romance, slice-of-life
  7. My Boo / 与鬼魂同居 / 隐形的同居 [ english simplified traditional ] - supernatural, romance
  8. Moon You / MOONYOU-独行月球 / MOONYOU-獨行月球 [ english simplified traditional ] - sci-fi, comedy
  9. Lookism / 看脸时代 / 看臉時代 [ english simplified traditional ] - comedy, metamorphosis
  10. God of Bath / 沐浴之神 / 沐浴之神 [ english simplified traditional ] - comedy
  11. True Beauty / 女神降临 / 女神降臨 [ english simplified traditional ] - comedy, metamorphosis
  12. 10th Dimensional Boys / 少年们在做什么 / 少年們在做什麼 [ english simplified traditional ] - comedy
  13. Eggnoid / 蛋男情缘 / 蛋男情緣 [ english simplified traditional ] - romance, comedy
  14. Sweet Home / 家 / SWEET HOME [ english simplified traditional ] - horror, thriller
  15. The Wormworld Saga / 蠕虫世界传奇 [ english simplified ] - fantasy, adventure
  16. New Normal: Class 8 / 不平凡的平凡8班 [ english simplified ] - comedy, slice-of-life
  17. Dice / DICE-骰子 / DICE-骰子 [ english simplified traditional ] - fantasy
  18. Refund High School / 重生高中 / 重佛高中歷險記 [ english simplified traditional ] - fantasy
  19. Lumine / 狼人路姆尼 / 小狼人路姆尼 [ english simplified traditional ] - drama
  20. Hellper / 地狱尽头 / 地獄盡頭 [ english simplified traditional ] - action
  21. Subtle Disaster / 微小的灾难 / 微笑的災難 [ english simplified traditional ] - drama
  22. Deep / 深海 / 深海 [ english simplified traditional ] - thriller
  23. About Death / 关于死亡 / 關於死亡 [ english simplified traditional ] - drama
  24. Hive / 虫穴 / 蟲穴 [ english simplified traditional ] - sci-fi, action
  25. Smile Brush / 会笑的画笔 / 會笑的畫筆 [ english simplified traditional ] - comedy, slice-of-life
  26. I Love Yoo / I LOVE LIU [ english simplified ] - romance
  27. A Bittersweet Life / 甜蜜人生 / 甜蜜人生 [ english simplified traditional ] - comedy, slice-of-life
  28. Coffin Jackson / 傑克森的棺材 [ english traditional ] - thriller
  29. Dr Frost / 神探弗罗斯特 / 神探弗羅斯特 [ english simplified traditional ] - drama
  30. Siren’s Lament / 人鱼哀曲 / 人魚哀曲 [ english simplified traditional ] - romance
  31. Shriek / 驚聲尖叫 [ english traditional ] - horror
  32. Unknown Caller / 未知號碼 [ english traditional ] - horror
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Appreciate the list here. Definitely helpful in Mandarin learning.  Care to share your personal top 3 among that list?

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So far, I've spent way more time preparing the spreadsheet than reading comics, so my personal top 3 isn't very meaningful at the moment.


However, I can unequivocally recommend Pepper & Carrot. Amazing art, and relatively easy. I also like My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, which language-wise isn't hard at all but the cartoony font can be a bit much at times. I think Timing will be really good based on my experience with the author's other works, but I'll probably wait a while to start it because most of its chapters are still behind a paywall (it's an old series but the translation is probably quite new). An interesting side note is that Timing was adapted into an animated film in 2014.

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22 hours ago, feihong said:

So far, I've spent way more time preparing the spreadsheet than reading comics, so my personal top 3 isn't very meaningful at the moment.


I see. Many thanks for the work in preparing the list. It must been quite a lot of work.


Thanks for your recommendation.

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Over the holidays, I took the time to read a bit of all 32 series in the spreadsheet. Since these titles were all popular enough to garner official translations, it's safe to say none of them are bad. But only a few are exceptional:

  1. Pepper & Carrot
  2. The Girl from Class
  3. Distant Sky
  4. Timing
  5. Again
  6. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend
  7. My Boo
  8. Moon You

I've copied these 8 over to the Awesome Webcomics spreadsheet (will make another post about that some other time).


No series was particularly suitable for beginners, but Pepper & Carrot and Wormworld Saga both seemed relatively easy, which makes sense since they're both very kid-friendly. I also think that 10th Dimensional Boys is quite easy, but it's printed in traditional, and its humor is extremely puerile---most gags revolve around butts, farts, and... other stuff that comes out of butts.

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