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Clock 表

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Clock can be 表,钟 or 时钟 (the last 2 maybe more specific). Wristwatch is usually called 手表 but in colloquial Chinese can also be called simply 表, so a sentence like "这只表走吗? "  could mean both "does this clock work?" or "does this watch work?". Correct me if I'm wrong.

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鐘 for stationary clocks and 錶 for wristwatches and pocket watches is what I would use.  While it might be possible in some way to have 錶 meaning clocks, I don't think it is common.  In fact all the images for 这支表 in a Google image search are wristwatches.

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I am quite used to hearing 表 as an abbreviation of 手表 but never for clock.


My HK colleague confirmed in Cantonese, they do not use 表 for a clock.


So from what you guys say, probably the usage is more mainland style mandarin where 表 can refer to both a clock or a watch (depending on context), but it seems to be less frequently used to refer to clock even on the mainland. 

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Sometimes Glossika sentences are a bit odd..they want to sound very spoken/colloquial and risk being less standard. Anyway I used Glossika too. I don't use it anymore, but it doesn't hurt. Sentences are many and very random..it's especially good for acquiring some sentence patterns, reuse part of a sentence to make your own..they use the same list of sentences as a base and translate them in all the languages..sometimes some sentences may not sound 100% natural..

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