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hong long

Italki teachers

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hong long

Hello everyone,

I'havn't find a recente thread, I'm studying at the Chinese Confucius Institute for a year and a half and I have the HSK2. This semester I am not very comfortable with the teacher for many reasons and I would like to try to use Italki sometimes.
Does anyone know a good teacher?
What do you prefer when you choose it?

One other particular and different question.

I would like to know what kind of struments you use for your Chinese lessons online (Italki an so on). Do you use notebooks, PCs, headphones/earphones with microphone or webcam microphone,  type of software (Skype or other).

I ask to understand which is best configuration to listen a good pronunciation for example, fluid video.
Thank you


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I tried Italki with another language recently. Not that happy with it. Not enough direction from the teachers I tried. Ended up with me mostly stumbling around, hoping for some help that rarely came. Like I was drowning and not getting thrown a life ring.


Started with the camera thing on Skype, but that was distracting and made me self-conscious, so finally went with just a phone conversation on Skype, using earphones. Better, but for some teachers Skype connections weren't great. Skype can be especially iffy in Mainland China, so this might be a particular problem if that's where your teachers are.


It wasn't completely useless for me -- it did give me a degree of self-confidence in the language -- and your experience may differ anyway, so I'd say it's worth a shot or two.


If you're studying independently, Italki does have the advantage of pushing you to study, since you tend to feel you have to get up to speed before each lesson.


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I like to record my lessons. Usually my structure is very unstructured and free talk with community teachers. I am not very good at acting out written dialogues. I tried the profesional teachers but feel it's a bit tight for me when we follow a book. 


My last lesson which was a while back was recording the teacher and listening again trying to transcribe the words. I sent it back and they gave me the corrections. Basically, dictation type. Another one we went through a short video. 


I am terrible about sticking with the same tutor because I like exposure to different people. 

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hong long

Thank you all, mungouk could you tell me the name of your teacher on Italki? 

Best regards

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