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Qingdoa renting or live on campus

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Hi I'll be in Qingdoa in a few weeks and am wonder how I go about renting a flat for myself off campus.

I think it may be a better option to be away from 'work' and have use of a kitchen. 


Costs in Qingdoa? 



I'll be teaching at the University in Loashan but don't mind a commute.


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Two generic but relevant suggestions:


Wait until you get there. Don't rent a flat online.


Also before signing a lease on a place that's far away from your work, first try the commute yourself at several different times of day. It may prove more grueling than you anticipate from just looking at a map. 

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wow. ok. I was going to do an airbnb for a month end do you believe that is viable? 


Great suggestion. Yes I will have to commute to work to two different locations at the opposite  of the city

so looking for a place either near one or intbetween and close to the city hub and beach.


That's great advice, as not knowing the bus routes and timings etc..the reality vs the virtual reality will be vastly difference.


Thank you.




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I've only been to Qingdao as a tourist; never lived there. So I can't give specific Qingdao lodging advice. 



I was going to do an airbnb for a month end do you believe that is viable? 


Yes, it's a good idea to arrive in advance and look around with various realtors. The way it usually works out best is to go to an area in which you are interested and get a leasing agent to show you nearby properties. (As opposed to trying to find one "central" realtor to show you places scattered out in several areas in different parts of the city.)  


Online real estate listings are notoriously inaccurate and unreliable. (That's true all over China.) 


Airbnb in China can be problematic. The owner must be willing to register you with the local police substation 派出所。It's extra trouble for him and not all are willing to actually do it. Good idea to inquire about that before paying a deposit. 

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