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English Equivalent of Pleco

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https://www.plecoforums.com/threads/pleco-equivalent-for-chinese-speaking-learners-of-english.2649/ has a vote for Youdao. I'm wondering if the Chinese natives (edit: or anyone knowledgeable on the subject) on this board have any recommendations for really helpful apps they've used while studying English?


(Mods: thought this was more attached to 'electronics' vs. 'other languages: English'. Feel free to reclassify as you feel is best.

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I'm not a Chinese native but I do teach English major students in China. 


Lots of my them seem to really like 百词斩. I haven't looked at it too much though. 


As a side note on Youdao, I have seen some pretty far off entries in there (hilarious screenshot attached). 

WeChat Image_20190110212039.jpg

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Haha! Today I learned my mother loved calling mischievous, young 博思 a toilet according to Youdao. Thank you markhavemann, I'll have to look into 百词斩.

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