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Hello all.

I've been looking all over the place for books to teach me to read and write only in traditional chinese. I went on amazon and searched a load of times but most of them are simplified chinese or are intergrated with speaking and listening. I want a book that teaches me how to read and write chinese like the 語文課本書 you get from china but in traditional chinese where as it teaches you vocab within some 課文. I'v tried looking around in bookshops but most don't even sell things related to china, let alone textbooks. Please help. I want a book aimed at a level from begginer to intermediate or 二年班上冊。Thanx.

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There's a traditional version of Reading and Writing Chinese: A Guide to the Chinese Writing System by William McNaughton. It's good for learning to write traditional characters. (Before I went to mainland I started learning to write characters from it and then I discovered simplified characters.) Also, I know I've bought Chinese textbooks with traditional characters published by Chinese University Press (Hong Kong) from Barnes and Nobles before. These are more intermediate to advanced works though. Some of their books are at http://www.chineseupress.com/english/e_front_page.html and then you can look up the titles at B&N or Amazon. ?

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I know this reply is stale, but for what it's worth ....

From the Far Eastern Press catalog




A series of elementary through advanced level Chinese language text developed for use at Yale by Hugh M. Stimson and Parker Po-fei Huang. These texts employ pinyin romanization, emphasize natural dialogue, full explanation of grammar, introduces a modern adult vocabulary, includes both simplified and unsimplified characters, offers a wide variety of materials for practice, and is equipped with audio tapes. The series is "two-track", i.e. there is a spoken language series and a series for reading. They are presently being used in the Yale program as well as many other college-level as well as some high school Chinese language teaching programs.


The WSC series has most of the passages in unsimplifed, and the final long passage in both. And actually the passage above is dated as I was told that Yale stopped using this series 5 years ago.Currently the 2nd year class uses David and Helen in China, which you can get in either simplified or unsimplified, but which is not really geared toward reading and writing in my opinion.

If you want to order them, try direct rom Yale University Press which supposedly absorbed FEP.

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