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11 hours ago, Tomsima said:

just off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's more examples of 言 being simplified in other areas of a character

這 is surely the most common. 


8 hours ago, Tomsima said:

牝 in a biology book about a year ago now, one friend I asked knew it, another friend didn't

Interesting, if mainly because of the pairing with 牡. 

求牡 qiúmǔ v.o. (of a girl) to court a boy

is nice.

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as in the 言 > 讠simplification, the only others being 文 in 這, 旦 for the compound 詹 and 亦 for the compound 䜌. Don't think examples like 嶽 > 岳 count, as from what I understand they aren't so much simplifications as just different characters that had similar meaning and usage which then got substituted.

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7 hours ago, Jim said:

氹 dàng  ditch, pool or muddy puddle, dialect it said in my dictionary and I did see it in reported speech.


Perhaps most well-known as being the first character of Taipa (氹仔), the central "island" of Macau.

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22 minutes ago, roddy said:



Yeah, this one has always stuck out to me. I think I first encountered it in an animal documentary and later on I think also in The Lion King. Both times in the hyena context. Especially in a simplified subtitle it really brought attention to itself.

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xian3, 'bamboo whisk'


A fairly innocuous-looking character, but it caught me out - good to know it essentially only comes up in the word 茶筅


I would suggest an etymology of 竹 'bamboo (implement)' + 先 phonetic 'xian' + semantic connotation 'pre-' or 'super-' for the froth that is whisked on the top of matcha teas. Just my own theory, definitely not backed up by any academic research at all!

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