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Coursera HSK 5 Course: NOT Recommended

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Thanks for the review. Now you've made me curious about whether I remember the HSK5 vocabulary I tried to learn several years ago. Maybe I should go register for that coursera HSK5 course to check it out...

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Hi Mo, I'm in week 2 of that coursera course and haven't found it terrible yet but did find it difficult and fairly slow going because they are using chinese to explain new words and don't use any english words at all - I need to throw all of the sentences through google translate (which isn't great at the best of times) to get a feel for the meaning. I also did the HSK 3 and 4 Course and the teaching style does change completely in HSK 5 (immediate focus on Exam questions in HSK5) and you do need to look up some new words. This must have been done to release the course quicker - they didn't have to make their own audio dialogues like they had in HSK3 and HSK4 course...they just use the HSK 5 archive of audio.


I also started a HSK 5 class in the real world last week at the 孔子学院 and there is a familiar approach there - little or no english used in the class, only 4 students in the class so the teacher spends a lot of time giving us opportunities to actually speak chinese in the class as opposed to drilling exam q's like the coursera course.



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I've struggled through to the end of the Coursera HSK 5 course with the aid of Google Translate, and I just want to add that *if* you have already learned the HSK level 5 vocabulary and are looking for a review, practice and tips for passing the HSK 5 exam, then parts of it are quite good for that purpose. For example, the reading teacher discusses strategies for figuring out the correct answers even if there are a bunch of words in a text whose meanings you don't know.

But as I said before, if you're looking for a way to get your comprehension and mastery of the language from HSK level 4 to level 5, this is definitely not it.

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