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Localisation of games into Chinese seems to have turned a corner (inc. game recommendations)

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On 2/11/2019 at 5:11 PM, agewisdom said:

This game looks very interesting but I am getting only a very vague idea off Google Translate. A few questions:


1. At what HSK level is it suitable for? I'm halfway to HSK 3 now. How difficult is the Mandarin?

2. How does it exactly help in English learning?

3. Is it voiced?


I'm getting a feeling it's a hugely popular Indie title in China so I'm guessing it's gotta be good, but why? I've no idea


I did one full playthrough with a daughter earlier this week. I plan on doing another playthrough with a son this weekend and should be able to write a longer review about the game next sometime week (I've been getting into snowboarding recently and want to make the most of it before the snow melts here in Harbin, so the review might be pushed back a bit). Until then, I can answer any simple questions.


1. Hard to say.The game is obviously meant for native speakers, so it will be a challenge. I'm at HSK 6 and didn't have many problems. Most of the unknown vocab I came across was to do with childhood and school related things, such as 四则运算 (arithmetic), 橡皮泥 (plasticine), 托物言志 (a way of expressing feelings in poetry/prose by describing actual objects - this was an option when choosing how to write an essay). One of the best things about the game from a Chinese learners point of view is the fact that 95% of the screens won't move until you actually click a button, meaning you can take all the time you need to look stuff up if you don't understand something. A lot of the options you choose also come with pictures, so you can often see what they mean without having to consult a dictionary.


2. Seeing as the whole game is in Chinese, I don't think it would help with English learning at all 😉 As for learning Chinese, the first good news is that it is a largely text based game, meaning you'll be practising your Chinese 95% of the time. While I'm sure games such as RE2 and Tomb Raider are a lot of fun, 90% of the time you will be blasting zombies, with only the cutscenes and inventory management providing Chinese practise. Also, as I said in the OP, I find I retain new vocab a lot better when obtained through a film/TV/game than from a textbook or HSK word list. In this game every new word you come across will appear in a certain context and demand your interaction. Also, the game is played in rounds, meaning that a good chunk of the vocab is repeated again and again, so you should end up learning the core stuff pretty well by the end.


3. No voices at all. While this might seem a little disappointing, you will find yourself quickly cycling through the same screens again and again, meaning voice acting would just slow things down anyway.


Hope that helps. I really enjoyed the game. It's a satirical, but affectionate look at a typical Chinese childhood. My Chinese teacher is really interested in developing games that assist learners of Chinese and wants me to write a report (I need to writing practise too, so am happy to oblige). I'll produce a more detailed review and an basic tutorial to help get people started, hopefully next week, but maybe later if we get really good snow 😉  

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On 2/12/2019 at 8:14 PM, agewisdom said:

Hope it gets a boost and an English translation soon. Would be great to play both versions and learn Mandarin at the same time :D


Hmm, I might volunteer my services once I've finished a few more playthroughs (I doubt they have any native English speakers on the team, so hopefully I could be useful). I've never done a professional translation in Chinese before, it might be a good experience.

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8 hours ago, StChris said:

I'll produce a more detailed review and an basic tutorial to help get people started, hopefully next week, but maybe later if we get really good snow


Many thanks for the overview. It seems interesting and definitely make me want to start playing the game. But as you've said, I might possibly need to reach a higher level of Mandarin. Currently will finish HSK 3 soon, so might have to see how it goes. Looking forward to your detailed review and basic tutorial, when you find the time :D

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After seeing this topic, I bought Two Point Hospital. After a while I started wishing that I had the transcripts for the audio (there is a quirky little radio station and a few presenters that play throughout the game). 


I emailed Two Point Studios and they sent me the transcripts for pretty much everything, along with their English counterparts. Understandably, they asked that I don't just make it all freely available on the internet but I think if someone has bought the game and wants to use it for studying then it wouldn't be a problem if I shared it with them, with the same understanding of not just going and dumping it on a website.


So, if you have bought the game, want the Chinese transcripts and aren't going to put them online somewhere, PM me.



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