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As of October 2008, the following information is accurate.

Building 1: Shared bathrooms and squatting toilets. Generally considered to be the lowest quality dorm in BLCU. Mainly male scholarship students are placed here, though there are some females on scholarship. I've not seen these dorms, but from what I hear, the place is old, and it shows.

Building 2: Chinese students live here only. Be thankful. It's 4 to a room, shared toilets, no bathrooms in the entire building. They use public bathrooms to shower that are not in the building.

Buildings 4 & 6: Fairly nice buildings. Mostly paying students live here. You have your own bathroom (western toilet). Both of these have been renovated in the past 2-3 years. If you are a scholarship student and try to upgrade to this building, you have to pay full price and you lose the lodging portion of your scholarship because they are run by a different dorm office.

Building 7: An older building. This is where the masters students on scholarship have their rooms. It's two to a room with your own bathroom (western toilet). The rooms are a little small, but serviceable. It is 50RMB/day to stay here long term. A lot of scholarship students I know upgrade to this dorm, because it's a cheap upgrade for a personal bathroom.

Building 8: An older building. Single rooms with your own private bathroom (western toilet). The rooms are small but serviceable. This is where all the scholarship PhD students stay. IIRC it's ~95RMB/day to stay here, but don't quote me on this.

Building 9: It's basically building 1 for the girls, though there are also some guys here. I live here, so here's the down low on this building. The rooms here are smaller in size than 1, but the quality is better (this is what I've been told). Toilets and bathrooms are communal. There are two public restrooms per floor (total of 6 squatting toilets), and two bathrooms (total of 4 showers available). There are approximately 20 rooms per floor, 2 people per room. There are a few single rooms, but most of them are on the first floor. It costs 35RMB/day to stay here.

Buildings 10 & 11: Female Chinese students live here. 4 to a room, etc. etc. Read what I wrote for Building 2 and be thankful you don't live here.

Buildings 12 & 13: The buildings aren't brand new, but the rooms are fairly decent. 2 to a room, you have your own bathroom (western toilet), and the rooms are larger than building 7. I don't know how they compare to 4 & 6 though. I'm not sure which office runs it. It might be under the same office for 4 & 6. No scholarship students live here, and you will probably lose your scholarship if you move into these dorms.

Building 15: Male Chinese students live here. See Buildings 2, 10, 11 etc...

Building 17 & Conference Center: They've been covered so I won't cover it.

Scholarship students will be placed in the cheapest dorms for sure. The school receives ZERO money to cover our lodging. They were pretty much told by the government, "These guys are on a scholarship. You will house them for free, and by the way, you're doing it on your dime, not ours."

I'm doing fine in Building 9, and I know a few guys in Building 1 who don't find it that awful. TBH, stay in the dorms and then see how you feel. You can always upgrade later. I strongly suggest upgrading to 7 first, because you don't lose your scholarship money, and you can just pay an extra 15RMB/day for the western toilet in your room, which is generally what most people find the most challenging change in lifestyle.

There is no safe. Don't bring any valuables with you. Your passport should be with you at all times. My computer's been safe in my room, and I don't know anybody who has gotten theirs stolen yet, and I have friends in almost every single non-Chinese dorm on campus.

Most buildings have washing machines on each floor. There's two on each floor in mine, but only one dryer for the whole building. Be prepared to fight for the dryer. I have a clothesline in my room, and so does my roommate. We both hang our clothes to dry. It's 4RMB for the washing machines and 8RMB for the dryer. The machines are operated by special coins that you have to buy from the reception in your dorm. There are also laundry services on campus that will wash and dry your clothes for you. They cost around 20-30RMB. A few of my friends swear by them.

These are the standard items you can find available to you in all the dorms:

- bedframe

- mattress (how good it is depends on the dorm)

- desk

- dresser/cupboard/place to store clothes

- television

- mini-fridge

- air conditioner (they take away the remote for it in early October, and turn on the heaters in November)

I'm not sure if the following is also universal for all dorms, but I had them in mine:

- trash can

- desk lamp (of dubious quality, but whatever, it works)

- electric kettle (it is available in most dorms)

- 2 cups with covers (my roommate and i don't use them)

- ashtray

- plastic basin for laundry/dishes etc.

- broom & dustpan (this is because we clean our rooms ourselves, other dorms have maids who come in and mop the floor for them.)

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Hi Yueni, this is exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much, it was extremely useful!! :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap

Wow, I didn´t even know that scholarship lodging is actually not covered by the government, it´s just simply free! :shock: This is quite strange. But hey, as long as I don´t have to pay for it or just a little.... :wink:

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Just one more thing... I have heard from friends in more recent classes that Building 6, even after renvoation, is still mosquito heaven.

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Building 1 is like a refugee camp :-?

They assigned me to a dorm room here and once I saw my room, I was extremely motivated to find an apartment within 24 hours. If you're coming from a developing country, than Building 1 might not be so bad. But if you're used to Western notions of privacy and convenience, then you will probably want to upgrade or move off campus as quickly as possible.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am planning to attend 1 semester course next February.

Does anyone know how early you can move in to the dorm?

Is it possible to move in say in late January?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello all,

Am I right to assume if I were a full paying international student and wanted to live in a dorm, I would be placed in Buildings 4, 6, 12, 13 or 17 (By that I mean the ones in better condition) as compared with local Chinese and scholarship students who would be put in the remaining buildings?


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  • 2 months later...

Wow. It's really great finding all this info about BLCU, because I've been really worried about going there in Feb.

I'm a scholarship student, and from what it sounds like, we get relatively worse housing (which is understandable because it's free). So my options are to try and upgrade to Building 7 right? Is it possible to upgrade to building 4 or 6 by paying the housing portion, but not losing the scholarship? I'm hoping for a single, but that sounds hard to do.

Also, I really really want good internet access in my room, does building number 7 provide this? Do any of the dorms provide this?

The scholarship provides a living stipend, how do you get the money? You have to open up a bank account in Beijing right? Is there a bank that you guys recommend?

Thanks for all the help! I'm really glad I found this forum : )

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Any one have stayed in a hostel long term for a short term 12 weeks program or less ?

It may be a alternative for low cost hotel or apartment. There are a few a the Guloudajie area, however the transfer at line 2 to line 13 may take sometimes for the walking.

Thank you fo any input.

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I'm from Hong Kong, but I'm studying in the States right now so going to Beijing is my study abroad. So I actually got the scholarship in the US.

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Hi guys

Wow it's been nearly 2 years since I was at BLCU (spring of 2007) and i just wanted to say good luck! You'll have a fantastic time no matter where you live.

I was an independently funded student, registered for housing too late so didn't live at one of the int'l conference buildings (although they are indeed very nice), but I still had a grand ol' time! I stayed in building 7, which DOES have single rooms and the amenities are totally acceptable. Sure, space was a bit tight..but I didn't have any problems with bugs or other issues. The cleaning staff and reception ladies are all very friendly and caring. I remember once it was raining, one of the front desk ladies (God bless her heart) lent me an umbrella so I can run off to class. In the end, it's all about the experience of being in Beijing, learning a new language, forging new friendships, and creating indelible memories. BLCU and Beijing have a special place in my heart. Honestly, life kinda sucks once you start working. Best of luck to everyone who's going soon!

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hi there!

i'm from hong kong and will be attending blcu in february for a semester.

i just got back from beijing today from checking out the school/room arrangements...and i've managed to secure a single room by literally calling every few days to ask about vacancies since december. then i wired over the deposit and faxed them proof of payment. they had my booking record when i went to check at the front desk. it helps to write down the name and contact number of the person who does the booking for you.

hope this helps!

for those of you who will be there in feb, we should get in touch!

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I'm from Malaysia. I'm going to study Mandarin in BLCU this coming Feb!!

For those who will be there for the Feb intake, feel free to drop me an e-mail. We can be lunch & dinner buddies there =)

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I'm going to be start a Semester come February. I made my application via an Agency, but think that their University and accommodation packages are too expensive. Homestay packages are $6,295, while double student apartments are $6,295. They told me that the dorms (they offer double dorms for $4,655) are all booked out, so I'll either have to do homestay or a live in a student apartment.

Anyone know if dorms are still available? What other options do I have, and how much will they cost?

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Hi Mokahome,

I think you should contact BLCU directly. I think the Agents are charging too much. You can contact [email protected]. I contacted Zhusu recently for my accommodation, though I am not sure whether I have a room reserved for me yet. Anyway, I think a double room costs RMB 7,600 for one semester (around 5 months).

Hope this helps!

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Guest phantom1987

Hey Mokahome,

I was searching for an apartment last week and i can tell you that 1 bedroom apartments go for 3000-4000rmb a month. A room in apartment will cost you from 1000 to 2500rmb/month. These are prices for pretty good apartments near BLCU. You can look for cheaper apartments but they will either be not so close to BLCU or just not so new. For 4500rmb/month you can rent very nice apartments.

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