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Han Character Lexicography: What is the State of the Craft?

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2 hours ago, LawrenceHowell said:

So as to avoid creating linkspam, articles are named but not hotlinked.

Please feel free to edit the post to add the links.  No-one likes spammy links, but helpful/useful links are always welcome.  Admin do a pretty good job of weeding out posts full of spammy links.

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Fantastic to have renowned scholars here weighing in on the state of research in this area. Thank you for sharing

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@imron: Thank you for the invitation to hotlink. Rather than edit my post, I'll do the linking here.


Ideographic Myth: Inconsistencies in the Critique


Ideographic Myth: Logical Weaknesses in John DeFrancis' Critique


The Phantom Category of Chinese Characters


Etymological Dictionary of Han/Chinese Characters Supplement Two: Sample Lineage Charts


Then, while I'm at it, also links to the


Etymological Dictionary of Han/Chinese Characters Supplement One: Mandarin (Standard Chinese) Redaction


as well as a document comparing the phonesthemic tendencies in Old Chinese identified by Schuessler with those identified in my own work:


Kanji Etymology and the ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese


Finally, my reply to Victor Mair's post


Phonosymbolism and Phonosemantics in Chinese




Ideographic Myth: A Response to Victor Mair


I'll throw that link in here because of a remark in the Pleco dictionary post suggesting that some folks are still taking Mair's view uncritically. In a way, it's understandable because none of the contributors to the comments section of his post challenged Mair about his continuing advocacy of the logically unsustainable Ideographic Myth thesis of John DeFrancis. Gladly would I have done so, but as a condition for posting about my research, Mair had insisted that I absent myself from the comments section. That being the case, I uploaded my response elsewhere.

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