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Alma Boole

Help in translating this sentence

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Alma Boole

Hello everyone,can anyone please translate "树叶飘落,或许是它嗅到了花香;羊儿离群,也可能是它看到了更远的草场;小鱼儿也未必迷了路,说不定是那天空留在水中的倒影,美丽得,让它忘记了回家……" to English?  Thank you:D

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I tried my best:


"Leaf falls, maybe it smells the fragrance of flowers;

Sheep strays, maybe it sees a farther grassland;

Little fish may not be lost, maybe it's the reflection of the sky in the water, which is too beautiful, and make it forget to go home..."


Waiting for other people to provide a better translation.

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