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How to fill Foreigner Physical Examination Form?


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17 hours ago, hsap said:

ECGs and chest x-rays aren't common in the UK


They are if you go to a place that specialises in medical exams for visas.  They will be familiar with doing all the tests requested on the form.


This was the cheapest I managed to find last year... it was £295 then, but looks like it's gone up to £325.  https://walkin-clinic.co.uk/medicals/china


I ended up paying £95 for a day-return to London on the train to get it done, because the nearest place I could find (Liverpool) wanted to charge... wait for it... £600.


Some people here have also reported being able to get some kind of certificate saying they don't need a medical, but I've no idea what the criteria for that would be.  Given we're still in the middle of a global pandemic I imagine that would be harder to do right now anyway.


btw, the visa application centres in the UK aren't currently accepting student visa applications. In fact they're only just starting to re-open for high-priority visa applications.

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I just got another visa medical done in Manchester, this time at Pall Mall medical https://www.pallmallmedical.co.uk/doctors/visa-medicals/


This was £355 for the basic medical including blood tests, ECG, x-ray and doctor's examination, but excluding blood group test — if you can provide a lab report showing your blood group on it already (it doesn't change!) then they will just copy it over.  I gave them a copy from a previous visa medical.  Otherwise the blood group test would add another £50.


Pall Mall also have clinics in Liverpool and Newton-le-Willows, for anyone else who might be in the area.


I was pleased with their service, very friendly and efficient, although I ended up with 3 separate appointments on a single day for some reason... they mentioned that COVID precautions mean they have to clean everything after every appointment and this spaces things out a bit. Since I was travelling 2 hours to Manchester from out of town this was preferable to multiple visits. 

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Hi everyone, 

Im applying for the PU letter to come to China and teach English. I had to do the medical check but my doctor didnt put normal beside the laboratory exam, chest x-ray exam, or the ECC. My doctor did give me the information of how I could get them (except for the ECC), but the person who is helping me get the PU letter, my recruiter for the school Im going to, told me to just write normal in those boxes myself. I did, and they PU letter is on the way, but although the school and my recruiter says its ok, im worried about it ethically and legally. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also, as a side note, what is the ECC? Could it perhaps mean an ECG? Thank you so much for the help!

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On 12/28/2020 at 7:04 AM, Marco Palingo said:

Also, as a side note, what is the ECC? Could it perhaps mean an ECG?


Yes, I'll bet it is an electrocardiogram. (In other words, ECC is a typo; should be ECG.) 

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Hi! I got accepted for the chinese government scholarship today but I'm very concerned about my physical examination. When I was applying for the scholarship in January I had to do a physical examination for my application to be considered. Now I have to apply to my school, for online classes, with the original of my physical examination and blood tests. I'm not sure if I can use my old physical examination form and blood tests eventhough they are over 6 months. I'm currently not in my home country and it's a hassle to get back due to covid-19 regulations. Can the medical be done in another country that is not my country of birth?

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@China2021 I think your physical examination form from over 6 months ago should be sufficient...


The only reason the form is required is because of travel. But due to border restrictions, a form over 6 months shouldn't be an issue. However, before you go to china again, you will probably have to go back to your home country and get another examination done there.


Congratulations on the scholarship by the way.

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12 hours ago, China2021 said:

Can the medical be done in another country that is not my country of birth?


Yes, it can be done elsewhere. In the "old days" (Pre-Covid, when actual physical travel to China was allowed,) it often had to be repeated once you arrived in China. It surprises me to learn from your post that a physical is required just to take on-line classes. 



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I am not sure if this was mentioned earlier, but it seems many of you did unneccessary medical exams... I paid just 10€ for confirmation, did some blood tests, didn't even do a xray. Please don't waste your time and money on unneccessary exams if you live in a first-world country without such exotic diseases. My source is official FAQ from EU mission web page where the question about the medical examination is explained as such:



More knowledge about Foreigner Physical Examination Form:

Some items on the physical exam form may be hard to understand for foreigners. Our main concern is to prevent foreigners from bringing infectious diseases to China. For example, chest X-ray is required for tuberculosis, blood test, for AIDs and Syphilis and others epidemic diseases.

Some diseases may be rare in Europe for years, and unless there is a must, doctors wouldn’t sign those tests. Under these circumstances, we hereby confirm that you may not need these tests if your doctor thinks you are in perfect health. However, Your doctor is required and highly appreciated to fill out the physical exam form properly with "OK" or "Good" etc., together with his signature or the stamps of the hospital.

For items like “nose”, “eye”, “ears”, “extremities”, your doctor can simply fill out “normal” or “abnormal”, together with his signature or the stamps of the hospital. As long as the form bears a doctor's signature or the stamps of a hospital, it will be accepted.


Original document attached


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China is very inconsistent across space and time... what is required in one place/time can be very different from another one.


Last time I entered China they were happy with just a new chest X-ray and they accepted my UK test results without doing any further tests.


The time before that I had to do all the tests on arrival in China, all over again.

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