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Chinese Game Review: Chinese Parents 中国式家长


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Just a couple more basic things. Apart from 学习, here are what the other buttons in the bottom right do:


社交 (social life) - this is where you can choose which friends to hang out with or who to pursue as a boyfriend/girlfriend


商店 (shop) - you can buy things using your pocket money. Some will help relieve stress (ice cream, movie tickets), some will help with your studies (exam secrets book), and some will help develop new hobbies (buying a guitar etc).


事务 (duties/jobs) - here you can do household chores (to earn extra money) or ask for things from your parents (eg a new games console - whether they get you one is down to the amount of face you have, which is earned by doing well in exams and doing things your parents approve of)


期望 (hopes/expectations) - your parents will have various hopes and dreams throughout the game. Normally these involve achieving something within a certain timeframe (eg learn the piano). You earn rewards if you complete these.

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@roddy Haha, not yet! Unfortunately, China seems to keep as tight control on the gaming industry as on any other part of the entertainment industry. While the writers of the game obviously had fun satirising Chinese educational and cultural norms, it seems they can only push things so far. For example, there are some events that let you choose how to act, but for the smoking one you're just told that you rejected the cigarette, you're not given a choice. It's all fairly wholesome.


What I could do is let the kid play computer games and basketball every turn and see how that turns out. Maybe we could all have a competition to see who can make their kid get the lowest gaokao score. 😅

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I went through the let's play. Looks pretty interesting, especially the dialogue part between the mom and her child. A lot of reading involved, definitely useful for learning Mandarin. Especially in bite sized chunks. Going to take a lot of persistence though.


Looks somewhat overwhelming on first pass.

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Good news, the developer has announced that an English localisation is on the way:



Hi there,

We are happy to announce that we are working on the English and Japanese localization right now. And later we will work on more languages. 

We will try to finish the localization as soon as possible. Hope you will enjoy Chinese Parents by then!


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A third off until Monday, and now in English. Had a flick through the screenshots and the translation seemed decent - couple of minor issues / typos, but nothing that would stop you enjoying the game.

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