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(ETA: I may have posted this in the wrong thread of the 3 or so recent ones on the topic, in which case sorry for the intrusion. Mods or @StChris, feel free to move to a suitable place)


I saw this article and thought of the current threads on Chinese games. I haven't tried the game, but I think the links below cover all the necessary information



Since its release on February 19th, Chinese gamers are captured by the first-person atmospheric horror game Devotion (还愿). The popular game has taken social media by storm, triggering discussions all over Weibo; the hashtag #Devotion (#还愿) has received over 120 million views on Weibo at the time of writing.

Read more at: https://www.whatsonweibo.com/weibo-netizens-captured-by-taiwanese-horror-game-devotion/


This could almost tempt me:


Where to find?




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@Luxi People have been talking about that game here. I have no preference of where to post info of new games. Here is fine too. My laptop isn't quite up to running it, I'm afraid. It does look good and seems to be selling like crazy. Now seems to be a really good time to release a Chinese-based game, as the market still isn't oversaturated yet (unlike English language games on steam). Don't forget to write a review if you do decide to buy it.

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On Devotion:



At the time of publishing Devotion is not available to purchase on Steam. The game was pulled by Red Candle Games, which stated this was due to "technical issues that cause unexpected crashes and among other reasons." The game was also caught up in a controversy surrounding art in the game which looked to be based on a meme of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Addressing this, Red Candle Games said "our team would also review our game material once again making sure no other unintended materials was inserted." The game is expected to be made available again in the future.


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Got hold of a copy of devotion (don't ask how...let's just say I'll make a donation to red candle games when everything's back up), and played about 2 hours.


As a game

Thoroughly enjoying it. It's genuinely scary, but not because of any actual threats, just various ways the game screws with you.

The story and setting is enthralling.
Adventure game fans might find it too simplistic though; most of the mechanics so far have simply been 'Take object A and put it in the place where object A is clearly meant to go'


As a learning resource

Although there is speech in the game, it's at fluent speed and doesn't repeat, so it's no better than watching a movie in that regard.
The text OTOH is great though because it is mostly not long passages of text; it's usually just a couple sentences in the context of looking at some object so you can have a stab at guessing some characters and also you get some association between words and their meaning.
And you can view the text as often as you like at your leisure. Since the story is good, it did motivate me to try to understand as much as I could. There are a few words which are taiwan-specific, but so far not too many.

So overall highly-recommended.

Level is HSK5+, simplified or traditional characters.

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A recent hugely popular release is Animal Crossing (动物森友会) for the Nintendo Switch, and this latest version is the first to get official Chinese localisation. It's normally described as a 过家家 ("play house") type of game, where you live on this island, make friends, make home improvements etc. It seems to be especially popular with female gamers (see this short video from a Chinese up主 for more info).


Note that although it does have voice acting for each language, each one is actually an invented "mumbling" language (think Snoopy and Charlie Brown's teacher) that is only meant to sound vaguely like the target language, so don't worry about not being able to understand. It looks like a relaxing game with plenty of text, so might be the perfect game to pass the lockdown time.


I don't have a Switch, so won't be reviewing it myself, but here are some pictures of the game:


spacer.png  spacer.png


spacer.png   spacer.png

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Another game with a recent Chinese version is Streets of Rage 4. It's a traditional side-scrolling beat'em up, so doesn't have much learning value to be honest, but it's a great game nonetheless! Those who owned a Sega console in the 90s will recognise the series:




Here's the Steam link, but it's out on all modern platforms:



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just found "Coffee Talk" which is basically a visual novel where you make coffee for customers and hear them talk about their lives. Only played 30 mins so far but its great reading practice. Since it requires keyboard input to move conversation forward you can go at your own pace. Obviously it also uses language that will help with daily communication and is engaging enough. There are also mods available but no idea what has been made for mandarin

Coffee Talk on Steam (steampowered.com)


 Extra Credit Assignment: Maybe team up with someone and create some audio for the game. Do some voice acting!!! The barista can be the same actor and a bunch of others rotate in for the roles of the customers

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