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Applying for both CGS + Confucius Scholarship, possible?


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I want to know what will happen in the case i apply for 1 year Chinese Language Scholarship at CGS and also in Confucius Scholarship and get approvement of both after the interviews. Someone went through this?

I really want to get the Confucius one, since i saw in here the universities where i really want to go, but i also applied for CGS because they give more amount of scholarships and they only ask for HSK2, so i guess i will have more chances getting it there (I have HSK3 279). Both have interviews in the end of March and they will decide in the first week of April, so i cant tell if i get one first to cancel the other one.

In case i get both, could i ditch CGS one?? I know the CGS also choose some people as substitutes.

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Interviews? Are you going through a bilateral scholarship scheme where your sending embassy/consulate has a discretionary right to decide?


Under normal circumstances, you can apply for both scholarships (I did this back in 2012). If you get both scholarship, you can choose which one to take - and you're right, financially the CGS ones are more beneficial. 

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Thank you for the answer!!

In both scholarships, CGS+Confucius, at least in my country, they do a interview before doing the final selection. Last year i got 1 month scholarship from Confucius and they also did that, they ask you to introduce yourself, why do you want to go, what do you expect, etc etc... I guess to have a better knowledge of those who apply.

Its good to know that you can get both and then decide, thanks.


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Well, in that case I would potentially advise against applying for both, or at least ask from the sending institution whether you're eligible for applying both scholarships under the local selection process and rules, as many countries have special restrictions for bilateral scholarships.

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