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Phil Crimmins

It Only Took 3 Years! The Mandarin Blueprint Method is Ready

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11 hours ago, imron said:

At 80% you can get a vague sense of someone doing something, but almost all the details are missing

For those interested, the spoiler tags below contain the actual text that the 80% Chinese comprehension paragraph was based on (taken from the Amazon preview page of the Mandarin Companion book).





Not having read this story, the main details were completely different from what I thought was happening when reading the 80% version of the text.

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I think more conventional marketing claims, such as that studying Chinese in this manner will result in financial and romantic success, might be less controversial. 

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We make it extraordinarily clear to people throughout the course that 80% is your foundation and you have a much longer road ahead if you want to approach native fluency.


So if at the end of the day if you're teaching "foundation" Mandarin as you've so clearly stated here, why not just call it foundation, instead of some wishy washy "80% of Mandarin" guff. 


Foundation Mandarin in as little 3 months is a more reasonable claim and I would not refute that, but hey it doesn't sound as impressive as 80% when it comes to marketing does it?

Basically, you are selling a foundation course, just like many others out there, no matter how well you try to dress it up. You know, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck...


And you still haven't addressed my question about you guys passing HSK 6 in two years with just a few hours of study a week, because this is rather prominent on your website. What exactly were your circumstances and prior experience for completing it in such a short space of time? 



So far only two people have asked for their money back, and so it's fair to say that the people who didn't ask for their money back weren't under the impression that they would be nearly done after the foundation.


Your marketing claims are still nonsense.

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I think having seen all the discussion here it really boils done to "if you're curious, give it a try and see what happens". Ignore what's written on the tin and don't convince yourself you have found the gold at the end of the rainbow.  Disliking the market claim doesn't equate to the method not being beneficial. 

One could try it for a few months, see how you get on and you will be in a better position to decided if worth continuing.


Realistically one method can works well for certain periods of time depending on your Chinese level and your learning style. When you advance it's often beneficial to favour another method. 


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