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When accepted by more than one Uni, is the enrollment/selection process different for Type A and Type B? (based on info. on Scholarship Fellow)

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I've found two parts of writings (on Scholarship Fellow) that say the opposite things, leaving me with a really important question.

1 "One of our followers told us that he applied to nine Chinese Universities at the same time for CSC Scholarship and he got accepted by three Universities. Then, he made his decision to select one university out of the three."

2 "If in case you get selected by more than one University for CSC Scholarship and you don’t give your preference then China Scholarship Council will decide which university is a good fit for you and you will then be admitted under CSC Scholarship in that particular University. "


1 states that after getting accepted by three universities, he chose one of them. Meanwhile, 2 states that CSC will decide.

Is this referring to the difference between application Type A (Ministry) and B (directly to university)?
Because the online application for CGS allows you to select Prefernce I, II, III if you select Type A.
Meanwhile, you cannot give a preference for Type B, this is obvious since you're choosing one university specifically per one account (although you can make multiple accounts to "directly" apply to one university at a time by giving its agency number).


----So my final questions are
1 if you apply through the ministry (Type A), does your preference decide which university you get into, given that you get accepted by more than one university?
2 If you apply direct (Type B) AND get accepted by more than one university, are YOU the one who gets to choose which one to enroll in?

It would really help me out with my application process if anyone could answer these questions.
Thank you.

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This is a hard one. I f you had been following this thread for a while now you might realized these kind of questions are rarly answered. Its always a topic how nobody really knows exactly how the Chinese scholarship system works, just apply to your best knowledge and hope the best. 

Sorry I cant help you answer your doubt, but I dont think you'll get an anwer here on how the scholarships are given or how even how this all works.


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I guess everybody's on the same page. I guess I will take the safer route by including some lower priorities.

Thank you for sharing what you know and good luck to you with everything too!

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