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Xiamen Or Hangzhou For ESL


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Pianote, you're going to get much better responses if you can tell us what's important to YOU. If you want to be near the sea, Xiamen's the best choice. If you want a bigger city, Hangzhou wins. "Which city is best" is like asking "what art is best". 

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Based on what you've said here before, I think you'd find Xiamen confining. It's also a Southern China culture, similar to where you are now.


Between the two, I wouldn't hesitate to point you towards Hangzhou. Just make sure your school isn't on the outskirts, or worse.


If you have time, visit Hangzhou or Nanjing or Shanghai first.


If English-speaking locals is a big priority, then it would be Shanghai, hands down.


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Reading a bit between the lines of your posts here, I sense you feel constrained in smaller places, and Xiamen is certainly a smaller place by Chinese standards.


To ditto Roddy, you want Shanghai. Make a small investment and fly there for a long weekend.

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This is pretty similar to the other thread you started about finding out “good” cities for job opportunities and pay. 


As Roddy has said in both; Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. 


Go to one or all and decide. Personally, I’d say Beijing but Shanghai fits your criteria. Book a trip this weekend. Done. 


It’s not too early to apply for jobs for August/September starts. In fact, you could say you’re late. Most organised places I’ve encountered here in China start recruitment in November  for the following new academic year. 

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I think New York probably fits your criteria the best.


If you are considering Xiamen and Hangzhou only, I think both are excellent cities. Xiamen is by the sea (but depending on where in the city you are, this may or may not be apparent). Xiamen has nice weather most of the time, but is susceptible to typhoons. Hangzhou is most famous for its West Lake which is very pleasant for a stroll or picnic, but can get quite busy at peak times. Personally, I would love to live in either of those cities. On the other hand, if you want English speaking locals, then Beijing and Shanghai are your best options. I don't think there's anywhere where you're going to be earning much teaching English, but private companies in the big cities are likely to pay you most. Having said that, they will likely require proper teaching qualifications, and you will most likely have full time working hours which  probably includes weekends.

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Agree with anonymoose. Best jobs in ESL will require at least a CELTA. You can do those intensive over 4 weeks or longer term as a blended online and face to face course. They’re not cheap though. 


An MA in TESOL would also look good as well as being a qualified teacher. Teach away, Teach now are two companies where you can get U.S teaching licenses via distance. 


Unless youre in a University, working one weekend day is standard. I never found it too much of a hassle though as most people I knew had similar schedules. For a long time I had Sunday/Monday off which was great too. The perks of these schedules are not having to be at work until 2-3pm. The weekend day would be more similar to 9-5 though as the students aren’t in school. 

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