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Philippe Plagnol

AntiMixUpTool for chinese

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Philippe Plagnol

Hello Everybody :)


I prepared a file that helped me a lot during my studies of HSK4 and 5, I called it the AntiMixUp tool because it helps to see inside of the characters and to differentiate them

I think it can help a lot of people here !


HSK level is displayed for each character and I also added a "strength" of the element (S - strong, M - medium, W - Weak )


I'm of course opened to any suggestion of improvement ! Please tell me if there's a mistake :)


the tool is also online at this address, I update it quite often, you can also add your comments directly inside (easier)





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Interesting idea and I think it definitely has potential to be useful. If you put this together from scratch by yourself it must have taken quite a lot of time!


My first thought is that it might be good to have an index on the first workbook of the file, so you can easily navigate to the component that you are looking for. Arranging the index by stroke order would probably be the most helpful way to lay things out. 


I am also not sure about what you mean by "strength" of the component? 


It might be useful to include some screenshots so people can see what it's about. I've included one: 



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Philippe Plagnol



yes it took me more than a year !


there's a group function on the sheet to avoid the double maintenance of an index (you can click on the 1 and 2 to open/close the groups)




about "strength" :


strong means that when you see the element in the character, then it takes the sound of this character




a weak element gives no clue about the way it must be pronounced

exemple :




strength is maybe not the best english word, do you have a better one ?




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Philippe Plagnol

and yes, there's a problem of order of the elements,.. I understand what you say

I tried to group them as I can but it's more by the look than by a strict methodology (like the chinese dictionnary)

just because I don't know how to do

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