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A dead simple weeknight soup 苦菜豆腐汤


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In case some of the other recipes mentioned above caught your eye and you want to know more about them, here are links to some previous relevant posts. 


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2. "Smashed" cucumber salad -- 拍黄瓜凉拌 -- https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/53783-another-simple-classic-smashed-cucumber-拍黄瓜/?tab=comments#comment-412400

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6. Another way to use kucai -- Stir-fry  Chinese greens with ham -- https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/54191-stir-fry-chinese-greens-with-ham-苦菜火腿炒饭/?tab=comments#comment-415700

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21 hours ago, abcdefg said:

The soup I'll be showing you today is "poor people food" not something you would find at an imperial banquet or a state dinner for big shots in Beijing. 

 can not agree. check the royal recipe 珍珠翡翠白玉汤. If you like 相声, try to find the 段子 by 刘宝瑞先生.LOL

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Haha! I stand corrected. 


But still, a pot of this "royal" soup, enough to feed two or three people, cost a total of 4 Yuan. (Three Yuan worth of vegetable and 1 Yuan worth of tofu.) 

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