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Hi! Anyone else applying for the Confucius China Studies Program? 孔子新汉学计划


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Hi everybody, 


I'm applying for the 孔子新汉学计划 scholarship, a scholarship for phd studies related to China studies, you can see more info at 




Basically is a great phd scholarship  that includes



• Lodging and living stipend: 80,000 RMB per year;

• Research fund: 20,000 RMB per year

• Round-trip international airfare;

• Tuition;

• Other support provided by the host Chinese university;

• Expenses for life and medical insurances in China.

• Group activities and cultural experience.


Last year I didnt get it that's why I'm trying this one more time, already did the interview a week ago, I felt that it could had been better... but now it's up to Hanban if I get it or not 


Results are coming in a few weeks I guess ( last year was half of May I think) 


Anyone else applied to this?


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Hi there,


I've applied as well, also had an interview last week and now just waiting for the results. I also applied once before, that time I did not get to the interview stage even. How about you last year, failed before or after the interview? I am wondering just how crucial the interview is - more like a "just go through it" or still many people cut off at that stage....   

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Hi Nushia! 


Last year I reached the interview but at the end got rejected so I'm afraid the interview has some real weight on it,  do you know when can we expect the results? Last year was mid May


Edit: May I ask which university did you picked? Also if we reached the interview it means we are accepted by the uni right?

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@Smeontelr Ugh, I was hoping otherwise but it is not so easy after all...  Was there some question you failed to answer or not clear why you failed last time? 

I picked BFSU, how 'bout you? It seems that the first step is indeed to be accepted by the university, and then it is up to the committee. 


No idea about the results, the info on the website says May-June, so I guess mid May this year as well. The only update on the webpage is that they finally took off the date of the interview, but nothing more. 


@daoyi Good to hear that it will be May not June after all. It as two people (men) interviewing me, I guess this is a standard? In any case I don't really have a good impression, for me it seemed that they could not hear half of what I said, especially during the self-introduction.

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Hi Smeontelr ,


I'm also an applicant of 2019 Confucius studies program. 

May I know that in your previous application during 2018, have you got an acceptance letter from the university mentor or recommendation letter from Confucius school before the online interview?


hope to hear from you.


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Hi Beth!


Last year i got a recommendation letter from my local CI. But I didnt got a pre admission letter, I have to say that my contact with my supervisor was much less than this year.

About the results we should be getting them in the middle of the month



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This year I don't have the precadmission as well, I do asked for a letter to my advisor she said that I won't be necessary.


Actually I have a job as well, so yeah I'm planning maybe to ask for an advance result, will you do it? If so , when are you planning to write the letter?

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On 5/18/2019 at 3:11 AM, EricAdams said:


Hey guys!


Do you have results yet? Mine came today and I got accepted into Xiamen Daxue apparently!


Do you know anyone who already is/was in China with this scholarship?


Hi everyone. I’ve accepted into Nanjing Daxue, but according to their instructions I should wait the instructions from University. University didn’t reply yet. 

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Hi guys, I applied for Confucius China Studies Program this year, and I just received my interview invitation. Could you guys kindly share some interview experience or common asked questions during your interview? Thank you so so much!

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