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Your video looks good and is well-edited and informative, but as you already note in the video itself, there are tons of Youtube channels explaining the intricacies of Mandarin. Perhaps you can tell us a bit more about what your channel has to add that is not already there.


Also, please do not cross-post.

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Seems like those typical videos that teach some random words and phrases. You should maybe explain what to do with that information (how to learn) and how to move on once the learner acquired the fundamentals.


Also, in the second video you say 很 means 'very' in the sentence 我很好. In my opinion that simply means 'I'm good'. The 很 just links 我 with the single character adjective 好.

You should also mention that 你好吗?-我很好。isn't really used by native speakers. 


The production of the videos is quite good. That could be a chance to do something new and not be a the hundredth copy of something like ChinesePod. 

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The production is good.


I also watched the teaching English video. That is decent material if a person is getting to intermediate level Chinese.

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@Wasai I’ve merged your latest post about your new video into this topic. Please do not make a new topic for every video you would like to share, and feel free to continue to share your videos with us here in this topic.



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