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Sweet and Sour Lotus Root 糖醋藕片


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6 hours ago, mungouk said:

藕 is an odd word... how does one pronounce "ǒu"?


What I usually hear and see written in the market is 莲藕 "lian ou" instead of just 藕 "ou" alone all by itself. This is when referring to whole lotus root sections. Not sure why both characters are used instead of just one. Guess it could simply be custom, and also I cannot speak for all of China, just my neighborhood.  


In reading recipes, I usually see 藕 coupled with a "shape term" such as 藕片 ou pian (lotus root slices) as used in today's post.


It's common to cut lotus into irregular chunks to make a soup or stew. Those are 藕块。














Stirfry lotus recipes often call for small square-ish pieces 藕丁 or sticks 藕条。


1086701146_lotuscubes875px.thumb.jpg.8e8defa158408bdffa8f337a6a617912.jpg   1739800140_lotussticks-875px.thumb.jpg.f6008e6f6e2d27efdc5565171075dc4c.jpg



莲花 "lian hua" are the flowers. 莲子 are the dried lotus seeds. 


192500630_lotusflowerpix-850px.thumb.jpg.f6083ea5a18e7038c9915045e8ef4c83.jpg   998480900_lotusseeds-850px.thumb.jpg.423ac993b1ce8b86cbefdf9d37f2a227.jpg





Later in the year, pushcart vendors will be selling entire seed pods, usually green. People buy them and shell out the seeds themselves. They are lian tou 莲头。




Here's more about the seeds and seedpods: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/49425-lotus-seeds-莲子/

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