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6 hours ago, DavyJonesLocker said:

and the pressure cooker was suggesting 45 mins on the 排骨 setting, so whole process would have taken longer. I need to work out how to manually set the cooking time on the pressure-cooker but reading the Chinese manual is a daunting task.


I can help with this, even though it is not an elegant solution. I press one of the other pre-set buttons. For example, if I am cooking 排骨 but only want to give them 10 or 12 minutes of pre-cooking, I put them in the pot and press the "chicken" button. Or if I only want to give them 5 or 6 minutes, I press the "fish" button. (The actual time shows up on the dial when the pot is working, even though you cannot see it now, in my photo.)


On the other hand, if I wanted to give some really tough beef 70 minutes, I would run them through two complete "beef" cycles (which on my pot are 35 minutes each.)  


Might add that my pressure cooker has a button for increasing or decreasing the heat a little bit and another similar one for increasing or decreasing the pressure just a little. Both must be programmed in at the beginning of the cooking cycle, cannot be done later on the fly. 


666257587_IMG_8603(3)-900px-arrows.thumb.jpg.43086d564cd70efc112a8519b3dc84fb.jpg  (Temperature is the 口感 button on the left. Pressure is the 压力 button on the right.) 















Reading the instruction book that came with mine was a fool's errand. It mainly had safety warnings, such as don't accidentally cook your neighbor's cat and don't try to eat the silicone sealing gasket. A few other helpful tips, like "plug it in before use."

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24 minutes ago, DavyJonesLocker said:

I wonder does each individual  meat setting adjust the pressure though?


Mine shows that on the dial, but I don't know how to explain what it means. Pressure is calibrated in kPa instead of in PSI. Not being an engineer, I don't pay the actual number much attention.  I just read it as "less and more."


I just re-read your question. And I think the the answer to that is a Yes. Each setting, each button, is a combination of three factors: time, heat, and pressure. More expensive pots have a wider range of all three of those parameters.  



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Went to a friend's house for a barbecue at the weekend:



They do a fair bit of vegetable growing in their garden, including some stuff you can't get in the shops here in the UK.  


They gave us some 莴笋 (which we fried with home-made sausage😞



And some 韭菜 (which we fried with some eggs):


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Looks very nice. Lotus root as part of a simple* soup with a pork rib is something I associate with Hubei ... but maybe the kind of thing people would be tucking into all throughout China?


*simple in a good way. And maybe you jazzed it up anyway :)

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1 hour ago, amytheorangutan said:



Thanks! I had forgotten! Must eat 汤圆 today. The shortest day of the year. 


Yours look very nice. I've never tried making them at home. 

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