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luckin coffee is pretty good


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7 hours ago, vellocet said:

the one shop I saw didn't even have any seats


This thread touched on that already I think. There model is (for the time being) mostly one of delivery and pick up's targeting office workers. Rather than being somewhere you go for a sit down and a chat. 


I also would agree more with Davy on the reserve counter/those drinks. I never see anyone order them. Most of my Chinese colleagues go for sweet and milky regardless if there is coffee in it or not. 

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A Luckin Coffee counter-service shop opened a week or so ago in the lobby of a nearby WalMart. It's right across from the 鸭脖 shop, so now it's convenient to have latte 拿铁 while you get your duck neck fix. It's all one stop. Who could ask for more? 


2096939511_IMG_20190901_154729-950px.thumb.jpg.c6cf6efecf4a75f84ebe30c8e7fbcf05.jpg       591100650_IMG_20190901_154734-eyes2-960px.thumb.jpg.e14c41035fda3bbbbc7b0cdd79ba9f6f.jpg

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I like Luckin and they have some good promos. First time i went there, the guy was very patient helping me with the app and ordering , speaking chinese doing so. There are lots of locations in 广州。 Im also not a fan of 心吧可 burnt taste. Costa is my favorite, but not many locations in gz.

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17 minutes ago, suMMit said:

Costa is my favorite, but not many locations in gz.


Huge difference between Costa coffee in Beijing and London. Every Costa I  go to in China is just like coffee flavoured water. 

Starbucks seems consistent but I don't really like the environment. Too noisy and wooden chairs are uncomfortable. (Even though I'm sitting in a Starbucks at the moment typing this !).


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On 9/1/2019 at 6:22 PM, 道艺黄帝 said:

Idk if prices still escalate based off purchase count, but the first time I went in I told them I didn't know how to order, and they let me use their own phone (employee phone? store phone? IDK) to order my 美式.


Even if you pay with cash, Luckin employees place your order using the app. They are probably not allowed to take orders without it.


I never saw the price increase while I was buying coffee from Luckin. The most I paid for a single-shot iced Americano was 21 RMB. Usually I paid less; 14 RMB with a coupon was not uncommon.


Last month I left Chengdu and moved to Shanghai. There are noticeably fewer Luckin coffee outlets here, at least in the parts of Pudong I tend to frequent. So I bought an AeroPress, dial thermometer, hand grinder, and some coffee beans. Now I make my own double espresso in the morning. Less expensive than Starbucks and Luckin. Better taste, too, when I get the recipe right.

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I can believe there are lots of Luckin coffee outlets in Shanghai. So far I have not seen that many. In south Chengdu, where I used to live, it seemed there was an outlet every two or three blocks. 


@道艺黄帝 Not super close to 长青路. I live in 碧云社区 and work at 陆家嘴. 




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Finally tried coffee from Luckin. It wasn't great, but also not that bad. They don't sell expresso size though.

@murrayjames Here in Shenzhen, most Luckin shops are situated near offices, I don't see that many in retail areas. Maybe this is the case for Shanghai as well, while in other cities they've a different strategy.

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"Creative branding."


More like creative bookkeeping.


Looks like you guys will soon be out of Luckin.

"Shares in Luckin crashed more than 70 per cent on Thursday [April 2] after it disclosed that an internal investigation had uncovered Rmb2.2bn ($310m) in fabricated transactions. . .  The disclosure casts considerable doubt over the future of the unprofitable group."



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3 hours ago, 889 said:

casts considerable doubt over the future of the unprofitable group."

Also saw that APP crashed because, once this news came out, all the customers tried to help out by buying more luckin coffee 😂


With that kind of brand loyalty they might be ok.


Unless this was also creative branding?! 

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I'd be stockin up if I were you.


Just put the lattes on top of the toilet rolls.


(Laomao's comment way up there is prescient: "It's almost entirely investor money and it's being burnt through in an impressive/horrifying way. In my opinion, they're playing a dangerous game trying to operate a coffee company as a tech company.")

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