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How to use Fuller's Introduction to Literary Chinese


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I've had this book sat on my shelf for a few years now. My literary Chinese is pretty shakey, I've worked through about half of Rouzer and have Pulleyblank at hand too. I originally bought Fuller's book, but never got past the introductory lessons as it lacks any commentary after the first half of the book. But I always really liked the aesthetic of the book itself. I'm now wondering if anyone perhaps knows of any lecture series that are available on the internet (paid is also fine) that runs through this book with students?


Would be great to be able to hear some professors thoughts and contextualisation on some of the less familiar texts.

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Wouldn't it be easier to read a Chinese book on the topic? There are probably a lot more resources for native speakers and and those for English speakers tend to focus on translation (into English).

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Yeah I have the whole 王力 series and have worked through the first book, was more looking to see if there were any good scholars lecturing in English on the subject so I could get a better idea of how things are taught in English speaking schools/universities. Being that I already have Fuller, I was thinking it might be a good start

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I found a tutor on Preply who is a Chinese Lit major. We've worked classical literature and classical Chinese into our lessons, and a lot of the materials she gives me are literary excerpts with modern language explanations and notes. It's pretty fun, and the fact that I'm interested in studying the literary canon was a pleasant surprise for my tutor. 

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