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Unabridged simple Chinese books with pinyin and audio (books for teenagers, fairy tales, etc.)


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At the link below you can find a number of unabridged Chinese books, written in simple language, almost all of them have an audio free supplement. The prices of these books are just around US$ 3.5 (prices are in Russian roubles). 

True, the books are compiled according to the method of Ilya Frank, and each sentence word by word is accompanied by a Russian translation - more precisely, with a subscript, and explanation. You can use it for additional understanding of the meaning and word usage, if translating it from Russian. Pinyin is also given. At the end of each story the text is repeated again just in characters. So, you can choose what to read, the texts with pinyin, comments and subscript Russian translation, or just pure text in Characters. 




In particular, I recommend a collection of short stories for teenagers by a Chinese author, 邓杰 , of about just 20,000 words. It comprises around 800 words of HSK-4 (including HSK-3, 2 and 1) - of course, with other words beyond the HSK-4 list. As it's well-known, the languague of teenagers' books, if it isn't burdened with slang (in that book it's not), resembles the oral speaking language. At the link the book comes the 3rd from the top, the title is "Китайские реальные истории." It's supplemented with a free audio.


Two photoes of pages of the book are attached (but this is the paper version of it)






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