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forgot PSB registration/border control - problem?

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I just seen Josh Cahill's YouTube video where he said he was refused a Transit Visa in Jan 2019 because he didn't register with the PSB in 2018. https://youtu.be/f4sCI0Dxxng


My wife, being typically Chinese, has only taken me 3 times to register with the PSB during my past 20+ visits to China. I usually have a busy schedule of relatives to visit, school runs, etc, so I forget to remind her. No-one has ever mentioned my failure to register when applying for visas or at passport control, but is there anything I can do to ensure I don't get refused entry at border control next time (being that I'm not in China and can't go register now) ?


The guy on YouTube was trying to get a Transit Visa in the airport, and I don't know how they knew he didn't register. I'm hoping that if I get caught at border control with a 2yr Q2 Visa that I can just pay a fine and still get in. Does anyone have experience of how the stricter enforcement works at border control, so I know what to expect?

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There's a particular rule for those on TWOV, who can be banned for two years in case of ”serious" failure to register.


That said, of course you can always be refused entry for any or no reason.


It seems fairly clear that when you enter or leave China, they now have access to your registration records, so start registering (or stay in a hotel), even if it means a family discussion you'd rather avoid.


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Jeez, this guy sounds like a winner.  




All caps always bodes well.  Apparently he doesn't speak Chinese, either.  That transit visa thing I always thought was super dodgy.  Get a proper visa, avoid this precise scenario.




Yikes, more all caps and this isn't bode well.




I'm starting to notice a pattern here.  He looks like a person who heartily enjoys complaining.  

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As we've mentioned before, ”Josh” makes his living, such as it is, from Youtube hits and freebies.


More melodrama = more hits = more money.

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