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Chinese Made Easier mp3?


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I'm looking for the mp3s for Chinese Made Easier book2 (Martin Symonds), does anyone have any leads? Ive scoured the internet but cant find anything. I'd be willing to buy the book on amazon if it came with a cd or mp3, but the description doesn't mention it. I like the book and I'm doing the book with a tutor, so it isn't absolutely necessary I guess, but it'd be nice.

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Martin, I'm so glad that you checked in! Chinese Made Easier was my choice of textbooks when it was time to start learning Chinese again & it served very well. I've shifted over to electronic resources but am still holding CME in reserve. It's good to know that the audio & supplements are still on the website & that some of your pronunciation tips are now on Youtube. Thanks again for your work on the books & making these resources available.

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I so wish I'd seen this 2 years ago. These lessons are fantastic!

I want to thank Martin for sending me the resources, and for having a lengthy chat online with lots of advice, and a thoroughly enjoyable conversation.



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I have had Mr. Martin Symonds’ textbooks Chinese Made Easier for many months. I haven’t had any problems reading them. I don’t remember having any technical difficulties being able to read them either. So, for anyone who has technical difficulties, it should be a very minor thing that is easily overcome. I would say that you shouldn’t let it deter you from being able to read these great textbooks.


I also want to say that to me, these textbooks are the best. Various schools in China chose to use them. Also, for example, none of the other popular textbooks in the West provide good, detailed explanations of tones and pronunciation. (I could be wrong. If I’m wrong, I’d like to know what other textbook(s) rivals Chinese Made Easier in this regard.) To me tones and pronunciation are so important to a beginner. Also, Martin Symonds’ videos on YouTube are really helpful and focus on the most difficult pronunciations.


I’m an ABC who was fluent in Chinese as a 13-year-old or so. But, I lost almost all if it afterwards, even though I heard my parents speaking only Chinese to each other at home my whole life. (My husband’s grandmother grew up in Italy and moved to the U. S., when she was 18. When she was much older, she lost almost all her Italian. So, some people, like me and my husband’s grandmother don’t have a talent for language. It was use it or lose it for us.) As a retirement hobby, I have a great interest in trying to relearn Chinese, even though I don’t have a natural talent for language, lol.


I know that different people have different learning styles. From my ABC’s perspective, the Chinese Made Easier textbooks are the best textbooks.

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