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Reading and translation questions

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Hello all,
I've been reading again and wanted to check a few things with you I'm not quite sure about. As always, any insight is highly appreciated.


Full sentence for context: 前年,他听人说,A在美国留学时,学习很用功,每门功课成绩都很好,拿到的奖学金也很多。

The year before last he heard people say A studied very hard during her time as foreign exchange student in the US (or during her period of studying abroad in the US) and got good results in every subject and thus(?) received many scholarships.

I think 门here means subject, although I had never seen it used in that context before.



B recalls that C brought up A the other day and just now (?) it has been one week ago (?). Did C know she was going to return OR wanted to return?

Besides how to best translate 正好 in this construction, I'm never quite sure about 要


Use of 所 - does this just refer back to the company? The 已 is just short for 已经, right?
My attempt at translating: my company is still small, but I think the things we (the company) are doing are meaningful. OK, these things have already become history/a thing of the past, let's just let them go.


4.) “对不起,我不应该这样。好不容易才见面,应该高兴才是。”
Use of 才, especially 才是
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be like this. We managed to see each other with great difficulty, I should just be happy.

Is it this maybe (from pleco):in an assertion or negation, emphasizing what comes before 才, usu. with 呢 at the end of the sentence] actually; really

Still not sure about是at the end though


5.)B 走在空空的路上,想到还在家里等的C,一时说不清楚自己是什么心情。

B went onto the empty streets, thought of C who was waiting for him at home, and at that time (or for a short time/moment?) didn't know clearly how he felt about this (his mood).

Not sure how to deal with 还 and说 of一时说


6.)blabla on the phone “我又回来啦。过来坐坐?”
I've just returned. Do you want to come over and sit?  Hm..Feels like I'm missing something...


7.)“我昨天刚到,这回我可是一到北京给你打电话了。” B问她这次回来能待多久?

待 Seems to mean wait among other things. From context I thought it would mean stay? The 回 in这回 throws me off too

My attempt: "I've already arrived yesterday, but this time (of my return) I immediately called you as soon as I got to Beijing." B asked her how long she would stay this time.


And finally, 8.)
I think the first 得 is dei, right? I feel like I'm missing linking words though...
There are some things you need to (?) throw away, so you should just throw them away. if you don't throw (things) away you can't obtain better things. This opportunity is rare, you (better) think hard about it.


Any help would be much appreciated, also nuances where I'm just slightly off. Comparing your thoughts with how I initially understood it helps tremendously with my progress. Thank you!



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