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Zoom videoconferencing down in China


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For those of you who use Zoom rather than Skype for videoconferencing and online lessons, FYI zoom.us is currently unreachable from mainland China supposedly due to a DNS issue, so you are unable to connect unless you use a VPN:





Hopefully this "DNS issue" will be resolved and doesn't turn out to be pre-October 1st paranoia (or worse) resulting in it being blocked.


Skype is currently still working for me, but I find I get better connections with Zoom.



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Well, it took a while, but Zoom is now working again.


EDIT: "working"?  Well...


It seems they've added new features for China including mobile number verification which may or may not work (via a PIN code).


But the "chat" button is greyed out and says it's been "disabled by your admin".


So my teacher and couldn't manage to get a "meeting" going. Shame because it was always much better quality than Skype when we used it, and the screen sharing worked better/used less CPU.  


There's also a zoom.com.cn website now which has all the official-looking numbers at the bottom of the page.


Oh well... still hopeful.



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I don't know... I tried it again with my teacher a couple of days ago but she couldn't get it to work.


There's now a mobile phone verification step when you start up the program (presumably just the first time), and she was unable to receive the PIN code.


I received it and verified my account no problem. 


I can see when my teacher's online, but when I initiate a call she can see it but not accept it.  Similarly when she sees me in the contact list, the MEET button is greyed out.


I only actually have one contact, my teacher, so that's as far as I can go right now.



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After 6 weeks I just got a reply from Zoom support about the chat button being greyed out:



Thank you for contacting Zoom Support! I am so sorry for the delay in our response to your email! At this time, the chat is disabled in China. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. We plan to make it available, however, there is no timeline to when it will be available. 


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Yes, I've been using Zoom for work meetings and for Chinese classes within the mainland and overseas since at least October 2020 with no issues.


I find it generally has better connectivity than Skype, i.e less freezing, dropped calls etc.


FWIW my teacher still can't initiate a meeting for some reason, but I can.  So we do it that way.


The chat feature works fine, and I appreciate the setting to auto-save the chat as a text file when you quit a "meeting", since in my lessons it tends to be full of vocab and explanations my teacher has written.

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