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where to eat in BEIJING ?


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There are heaps of great places to eat. Avoid the touristy areas and large shopping districts.

Many of the back alleyways have small restaurants intermingled in the residential areas. To me these are great as they usually are frequented by the locals and the food is delicious.

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I think you should try as much as you can...

Last time as well as eating in local small restaurants, I ate in the following restaurant chains and enjoyed them all. Chain restaurants are just as authentic as any other restaurant, especially if you want a taste of what people eat from day to day.







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Quan Ju De roast duck: Qian Men headquarter



hot pot of Tan Fish Head



Beijing famous Chuan Cai restaurant

Shanghai snack



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Quanjude is over-rated in my opinion, especially at Qianmen - I don't care if it is 5000 years old, and the ducks are hatched from genuine century-old eggs, everytime I've been there the duck has been nothing special and the service has been brusque and more worried about getting you out the door so they can serve more duck up to the tourists queuing out the door than anything else.

For duck, I'd recommend either Quanjude elsewhere than Qianmen, the Tianwaitian chain anywhere, or if you feel like spending a bit more, the Dadong restaurant at Changhong Qiao - we spent 300Y for two last time I was there, duck and a few other dishes (including a chunk of australian beef in one of the most delicious sauces I've ever had) but the food and service was fantastic - and they even give you free wine if you have to wait for your table.


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I like the Guolin 郭林 (also known as the Two Pigs), the one at Wangzhuanglu has delicious banana pancakes (and the rest of the food is also delicious).

But the best thing to do is just try out some places. The city is filled with restaurants and most are both good and cheap.

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I had a very good meal at Xiaowangfu (小王府) near Sanlitun. It was the only time I've ever seen or eaten asparagus in China and it was excellent. Their roast duck is also very good and has a maple flavor to it that I haven't experienced elsewhere. I also like the duck at Yawang (鸭王) on Jianguomen Wai. There's one of those individual hot pot places right around the corner from there, I think (it's somewhere on Jianguomen Wai, west of the new Silk Market, east of the subway station, just down a side street heading south), that was really good.

If you can read Chinese, look here.

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for duck, i'd stick to 大鸭梨, which can be found all over,

you need to know what to order at 郭林家常菜, i mean it's not expensive but is it worth eating 鸡丁 for 15-20 rmb? plus, some of the food at 郭林 just tastes weird to me..i guess you have to know what to order...

for 小吃, go to Wang Fu Jing.!

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I'd recommend Da Zhai Men Restaurant, No 29 Suzhou St., Haidian District:


It's expensive but a fantastic experience. The restaurant is set in a traditional home and garden, and the waitresses are all dressed-up in Qing dynasty costume. It's located in the north-west of Beijing, not too far from the Summer Palace, and would be good to go for dinner after a visit to the Palace.

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well, if you would like to eat roast duck, Quanjude is one of your best choice. And also, I recommend you to go to Dadong(大董). The atmosphere is much better than Quanjude, and tastes as good as Quanjude, or even better.

I don't recommend Guolin. it's like a zoo......too many people there, although it's very cheap. Try Sichuan Hotel if you like spicy food.

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