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I am looking up information on different cities in China for my next move and had some questions about Kunming:


1. Housing

I was wondering what are your thoughts on the availability of nice housing in the Kunming area. I would prefer it to be in local areas but I understand that in China, "upscale" often caters to foreigners and wealthy locals. Where I am now in Nanjing is just like that. More specifically, I'd be looking for something with central AC/heating, furnished, etc.


I saw this listing at this university language program’s website and these seem like nice accommodations. I would be interested in something like this. 
Based on the results of my housing search and results from Nanjing, I’m not going to even look online because the listing are absolutely incorrect and marked up. Have you come across places like this in your dealings in Kunming? Or perhaps some of you currently reside in very nice places like this? Can you share info regarding price, heating situation, and any other pertinent information I may have missed?
2. Medical services
I searched Baidu and from what I’ve seen there are high quality medical services and hospitals available. Namely:
Kunming Calmette International Hospital
Tongren Hospital
Kunming Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital
Kunming Medical University Dental Hospital
First People's Hospital of Kunming
Grace Medical Services (formerly Kunming International Clinic)
* I hope I didn't miss any hospitals.
3. Technology
I assume Kunming is connected like other cities and I wouldn’t have any issues regarding cell phone service and high speed internet connectivity? 
Any thing else I may have missed? 


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In reverse order: 


3. All the major carriers offer phone and internet service here. Broadband 宽带 and cable are available. Many different packages. 


2. I think some foreigners go to Richland Hospital because they advertise English-speaking staff. Don't see it on your list. (This is not a recommendation.)


1. Apartments here seldom have built-in heating or air conditioning, let alone central units. Renting a furnished apartment usually means you will "inherit" the landlord's old cast-off furniture and/or bits and pieces of assorted junk left by prior tenants. If you plan to be here a while, it's better to buy your own stuff. 


Living space in new highrise buildings costs significantly more than in old 6-floor walk-ups, as you would expect. Often the prices quoted in articles about "living in Kunming" are for old and shabby lodgings, not at all "upscale." You might find some relevant real-estate ads on GoKunming to give you a frame of reference. https://www.gokunming.com/en/ 


In choosing a place to live it's essential to consider where you will be working or studying. Kunming is widely spread out, especially to the north 北市区 and west 西山区。Also look for easy access to metro MTR stops 地铁站 and bus routes. 



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Saw this classified ad today:



Quiet 3 bed/2 bath with office, located in heart of Kunming, fully furnished, hardwood floor, well maintained and cared by owner. Near subway, restaurants, shopping, freeway and Universities. RMB3000 per month. Contact Mr. Zhou 13908717961



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